What is a Roadshow?

Roadshows are a series of marketing events comprised of face-to-face events in different geographical locations.  Roadshows often offer an opportunity to interact and experience immersive experiences with a brand and empower businesses to create strong networks geographically to represent their company in a face-to-face environment, with potential or existing customers.

In a nutshell, it is an opportunity for a business to take its product, brand message or service on the road!  Roadshows are events that bring people together through product demonstrations or networking events.

What are the benefits of a Roadshow?

Roadshows give your sales team the opportunity for face-to-face interaction.  Conversation in the field where people turn up to see you and want to be there often brings success.  Roadshows often happen in the summer months – these months for some businesses are slow so it boosts interest in the quieter times keeping your sales number steady and helping build pipelines.

Roadshows should be professional but fun, they give you an opportunity to propel your brand image.  You need to plan your events so your visitors leave with a smile.  Think about the entertainment and food at the events but most of all make it memorable.

Taking your brand on the road gives you the opportunity to be visible in several places in the country and helps you create connections with potential customers whom you may otherwise not have come into contact with.  The possibilities with roadshows are endless which is why it can be a great marketing tool.  It is a great way to link online and offline marketing and offers valuable human interaction.

5 ways to plan for your first roadshow.

You need to make sure you plan well ahead for your roadshows, setting objectives and making them a success.  You should consider:

  1. Set your objectives – make sure you have a clear outline of what you want to achieve and set targets and communicate this to your team.
  2. Plan your locations carefully – location is probably one of the most important elements of a roadshow. Select cities and venues that have a high population of your target audience. Make sure the location is easy to access.
  3. Think big and make your roadshow significant – if your audience travel to see you, you have to make it worth it. Think of ideas to excite and entertain your audience and have a memorable or useful giveaway to keep your brand alive.
  4. Pick the right time – make sure you choose a time so it doesn’t clash with other events, think about the weather conditions. Carry out research on each location so you can be prepared.
  5. Promote your attendance – you need to let people know where you are going to be. They need to have enough time to plan to be there and they also need to be reminded.  Make sure there is something in it for them, they are more likely to attend.  Think strategically about your pre-roadshow marketing plan and follow it through.  Use social media and don’t stop promoting until the event is over.

Your Roadshow Display

Your roadshow display needs to work harder than your trade show display.  Often you will use a display at an exhibition just a few times but when you are on the road you need a display that will withstand the pressure of installation and dismantling numerous times and it often needs to happen fast!

Find a supplier that can deliver a high-quality display with seamless graphics that can be built in minutes without tools.

At Nomadic, we pride ourselves in high-quality systems and exhibition graphics offering truly modular displays that can be reconfigured in size to fit all your locations.  All systems are portable, durable and tool-free.  Whether your roadshow display needs to be small or large we can help you.  Our pop up displays have a unique “No Questions Asked” Lifetime warranty which provides you with reassurance right through your roadshow programme.  We have a series of set up videos so you can share the ease of installation with your staff or we have a team available for stand installation and dismantling. Take a look at our roadshows & field marketing page to gain more information.