Give Your Office an Office Fit Out Facelift

A new office fit out isn’t just about appearance – it’s springboard to engage with your staff and boost new external relationships and create a new culture.

Starlight can help you completely transform your workplace into something unique to you and your brand. We will enhance your space, creating a functional and engaging workspace for your staff.

We can design the ideal workspace for your company, enabling you to modernise your branding and ensure that your workspace is fit for the future. We accomplish this by maintaining your space with shifting workplace practices and changing needs of your company.

Office Fit Out – Unique reusable, rebrandable and eco-friendly display stands

We love it when you come to Starlight with a project in mind, we let you steer it in the direction you want it to go in, after all, you are the boss! We will, of course, pass on guidance and advice where necessary but when it comes to sustainability there is one piece of advice we always give. If you want it to be eco-friendly and therefore sustainable, plan with longevity in mind.

Our experienced designers can work with any space and size ensuring your needs are met, creating installations including:

  • Reception areas
  • Workstations and kiosks
  • Meeting rooms/pods
  • Backlit Lightboxes
  • Backdrops for digital and video meetings
  • Large format artwork

Office Fit Outs with Minimal Disruption

We are known for our innovative, creative approach to projects – the nature of our displays are that they are modular and portable allowing us to transform your space whilst ensuring minimal disruption and smooth project management.  You can have peace of mind that you can move or reconfigure your displays and rebrand with new graphics at anytime to keep your brand alive.

Our portable spaces will revitalise your business, create inspirational and motivational workplaces that improve productivity, employee wellbeing and will encourage high calibre recruitment. The modular components can be moved around and can fit together in several ways allowing you to change with time. This means no more additional expense on redesigns Unique, portable, and modular reusable stands, ready to create an impact!

Implementing an Office Fit Out

Implementing an office fit-out is a complex project that involves transforming an office space to meet the specific needs of its occupants. This process can vary greatly depending on factors like the size of the space, the needs of the business, the budget, and the desired timeline. However, there are some common steps that are typically followed in most office fit-out projects.

The Key steps to implementing an office fit out

We have put together the key tips for a successful office fit out. Whether it be for a small team or a large commercial office fit out, following these steps will ensure your business operates within budget, towards its objectives and provides an ideal environment for your team.

1. Define your objectives

Understand Needs: Assess what your business needs from the new space.  Is there just one office space needed, or will you need to factor in reception area fit out too?

Future Planning: Consider how your company might grow or change in the future and how the space can adapt to those needs.

2. Establish a budget

Cost Estimation: Determine how much you can afford to spend on the fit-out. Speak to a variety of office fit out contractors to see what they can deliver for the budget you have. Some may offer significantly more for less cost!

3. Choose the right team

Selection Criteria: Choose your team based on their experience, past projects, and reviews or recommendations. With the quotes obtained from your selection of office fit out specialists, you’ll be in a good position to identify who can help you achieve your office goals.

4. Design phase

Space Planning: Work with your design team to plan how the space will be used, ensuring it aligns with your objectives and budget. At Starlight we will design your layout free of charge.

5. Installation

Starlight has a dedicated display installation team to make sure your office fit out displays are installed safely and smoothly.

Sustainable office fit out

Creating a sustainable office fit-out is about more than just choosing eco-friendly materials. It’s about adopting a holistic approach that reduces environmental impact, promotes health and well-being for its occupants, and ideally contributes positively to the environment. Here are some key considerations and strategies for achieving sustainability in the displays you choose for your office fit-outs:

1. Planning and design

Integrated Design Process: Early in the planning process ensure sustainability goal are set.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Design spaces that can evolve over time, reducing the need for major refits or demolitions that contribute to waste.

At Starlight, we pride our self on our sustainable displays.  All our products and displays are reusable and completely reconfigurable to match your business as it changes. Whether it be branding, layout or more!

2. Materials and resources

Sustainable Materials: Choose materials that are recycled, recyclable, renewable, and obtained from sustainable sources.  Take a look at our Green Policy.

3. Energy efficiency

Energy-Efficient Lighting: Install LED lighting and consider natural light design to minimize energy use. Incorporating daylight sensors and automatic dimming can further reduce electricity consumption.  All Starlight’s products use LED lighting. Our LED lightbox displays for example, provide a great visual attraction to a new office.

Natural Light and Views: Design spaces to maximize access to natural light and outdoor views, which can improve employee well-being and productivity.

By considering these elements, businesses can create sustainable office environments that not only reduce their ecological footprint but also create healthier, more productive spaces for their employees.

Office fit out costs

Office fit-out costs can vary widely depending on several factors such as the location of the office, the quality of materials used, the extent of the fit-out (whether it’s a basic fit-out or a high-end design), and the size of the office space. You should also factor in the reputation of the office fit out company. Some may over promise and under-deliver, seeing you spend more and more to get the smallest of tasks done. Look for a reputable business that shares the same goals as you.

Our portable and modular display systems are a great way to divide office space, create workstations and dress areas to bring your brand alive and make an engaging workspace.

Speak to our team so we can work with you and give you ideas to keep your project on budget.


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