Sustainable Exhibition Stands for a Greener Exhibition

We understand the need people have to live a more sustainable life these days. This can come in a variety of ways and doesn’t just have to be limited to the home. At Starlight Exhibitions, we appreciate the need for our workplaces and exhibition centres to go greener too. That is why we have invested in making sure you can be an eco-friendly exhibitor with our range of modular reusable exhibition stands.
With versatility as well as the environment in mind, these exhibition and event displays allow for total flexibility with no additional dent in your wallet and no need for repeat production causing potential harm to the planet.
Thanks to the smart construction of our modular sustainable displays, they can be used again and again making exhibition setups not only simple but more consistent. Furthermore, modular sustainable displays from Starlight are scalable and integrate to work in more places and evolve as your business does.
This means you can benefit from the ability to expand, enhance, and repurpose your displays to fit multiple uses.

Reconfigurable Exhibition Stands

Unique, portable and eco-friendly exhibition stands

We love it when you come to Starlight with a project in mind, we let you steer it in the direction you want it to go in, after all, you are the boss! We will, of course, pass on guidance and advice where necessary but when it comes to sustainability there is one piece of advice we always give. If you want it to be eco-friendly and therefore sustainable, plan with longevity in mind. Multiple show appearances mean you need a durable yet versatile product and at Starlight that is one area we especially excel.

Our team of expert exhibition stand designers will look at your needs, look at what works best for you, and then put together a display. A display that will not only turn heads at your event but will also provide you with a constant reusable, purposeful exhibition display stand that has multiple uses.

The modular components can be moved around and can fit together in several ways allowing you to, in essence, make your exhibition stand fit your dedicated space no matter what. This means no more additional expense on redesigns for your next event, no more waste as you source a new stand for further exhibitions, and thanks to the compact nature of eco-friendly display stands, reduced travel costs for moving it from location to location.

Unique, portable, and modular reusable stands, ready to create an impact!

FTE Jerez backlit display stand with arch

An eco-friendly display becomes even more sustainable with LED lighting

Of course, any exhibition display that you have deserves to be seen, and when you add some LED exhibition lighting you do just that. Better still, the current advances in technology mean that you use less energy, get longer-lasting illumination, and create real impact.
A lightbox display allows you to integrate backlighting solutions into your event stand which not only helps you stand out but also creates mood and ambience, something that can really help emphasise the message you wish to convey at your exhibition display stand.

Go green, go versatile, go sustainable

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