Exhibition Stand Builders

Let us take the stress out of your exhibition stand build

Whilst most of our displays are easy to build and can be done yourself, some of our clients prefer to have us on hand to remove some of the exhibition stress by assembling it for you whilst you spend time briefing your team and completing any other obligations the event has for you to fulfil.

Our expert team will have your stand pre-built in-house before the show, we can then make sure it is looking exactly as you want it to. This works not only as a quality check to ensure that all elements of your stand are perfect but also as a training exercise for our team. With them becoming well-versed in every part of your display, it allows for a quick installation and an equally quick dismantling at the end of the event.

That is one further benefit of the Starlight Exhibition’s stand building team. Once you have wowed attendees with your fantastic modular exhibition stand, our team will return to the venue and take the exhibition stand down, safely pack it away and either return it to our secure storage facility or to your office or own warehouse.

Custom Modular Exhibition Stand Builders

We love to create something unique for you and your brand. As exhibition stand builders we get a variety of fantastic requests daily and to see them come to life is as rewarding for us as presenting at the exhibition is for you but maybe you are unsure about the process. With Starlight it is easy, seamless and ultimately stress-free.

Firstly, pick an event display stand or pop up exhibition stand, that suits your needs, we can help with this if you have any questions or are unsure about what would work best for you.

Our enthusiastic team have years of experience in guiding you towards how to make your exhibition stand really work for you. You may have questions about whether a back lit exhibition stand , a set of exhibition counters or a fully design custom modular display will be best for the job, just ask!

Then, speak to our team about the event itself and any specific requirements, this would include dates of the event or events you are attending, whether you will require us to set up your display, and whether you have any additional needs. This could include providing health and safety declarations and carrying out risk assessments for example.

Once our exhibition stand designer team are briefed, they then set about bringing your vision to life, always keeping you in the loop. When you are happy, you can pretty much sit back and leave the rest to us.
We will complete a pre-event set-up in our warehouse to check everything is just right. We then pack it away and transport it to the venue for you. Then our expert team get to work on the installation in your dedicated exhibition space.

Then it is your time to shine and draw people towards your vibrant exhibition stand.

Contact us to start getting your custom made stand built!

Our Stand Builders Will Tidy Up For You!

You have spent the entire exhibition showing off your fantastic brand and it’s time to start chasing those leads. The last thing you will want to be doing is pulling your custom-made exhibition display stand down.

You don’t have to! Our helpful team that installed the display for you will return at the end of the event.

They will carefully disassemble the stand and have it safely stored in our secure storage unit until you next need it. Should you prefer to store it in-house, they can deliver it to your office, or if you have one, a warehouse or other storage area.

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