Can I buy directly from this website?

No. We offer a free design service to ensure that however big or small your display is, it is bespoke
to your needs. We do have pre-designed solutions that you are able to purchase or hire. Contact so we
can help you choose the best exhibit options and help you personalise your display.

How do I order replacement parts for my Nomadic display?

Contacting us is the best way to identify what you need. If you are looking for replacement graphics please view
this page

How do I have my display repaired?

How do I rent an exhibition stand?

All our displays are available to purchase or rent. Contact us to enquire
about rental of your display design, graphic production and services. Nomadic’s designers can easily
draw from the extensive inventory of rental components to create new designs specific to your needs.

Does Nomadic provide Storage and Installation services?

Yes! We have a secure storage facility and a
crew dedicated to installation and

What do I do if my stand breaks?

All our displays are covered by Lifetime