For small to medium sized businesses, balancing budgets with making maximum impact at exhibitions and trade show events is critical.

Attendance is vital to generate revenue but how do you stand out from the crowd with a smaller budget and still help generate those sales needed? The key is to spend wisely and choose the best exhibition solution that not only works today but can work into the future.

Modular Exhibition Stands make sense

While traditional customised stands can make a massive impact at single events, they can be restrictive due to the costs involved and the fact that they are unlikely to be able to be reused again.

Modular exhibition stands offer companies customisable, flexible and professional exhibition display solutions time after time. They consist of standardised units or sections for easy construction and flexible arrangement. They can be arranged to create different shapes or designs without the need for additional purchases and when not in use can be stored away easily and with minimum fuss.

Impressive solutions created with the minimum of labour, time and can even be tool-free.

Choosing the best modular stand proposal

Nomadic Display and Phileo worked closely on the production of a unique modular stand proposal that could be used at a number of their scheduled 2018 UK events.  The brief was for a solution that was easy to transport, simple to construct and durable for future reconfiguration but still cost effective.

Phileo had previously deployed a mix of self –fabricated and custom exhibition stands. They engaged with Nomadic in a bid to find a solution that would present a concerted look at their events all over the UK and Ireland covering stand spaces from 13 x 3mtr to 5m x 3m.

The solution had to be truly modular to cater for the wide variety of stand space and situations that their events take place in, the stand also had to allow for the printed display graphics and messaging to be refreshed easily and inexpensively to allow for new product lines to be highlighted as they came on-line.  Logistical costs had to kept down but not at the expense of creating maximum impact.

Bigger is not always the best

Nomadic developed a modular solution that was a combination of portable pop up walls ( Instand), which supported 2 x large screens, and our LED BrightWall 2 backlit fabric system. This provided the necessary adaptable solution they were looking for that had maximum impact whilst being easy to transport and quick to put up meant it did not attract high logistical costs when compared with a purely custom solution.

Phileo Modular Exhibition Stand with staff in images

To date, the solution has been used a 5 major  events within their sector and has attracted great feedback by Phileo staff and visitors  alike .

These 5 stands will be constructed on multiple occasions using the same modular elements over the course of the exhibition season.

Working with Nomadic Display

Many companies do not have large sales and marketing teams to devote to each trade show. Nomadic Display provide an end to end solution from initial consultation, through design, production and delivery to cater for each-and-every need. Our modular exhibition designs combine the appearance of traditional customised stand building with the flexibility required at exhibition events today.

Contact us today for an impartial discussion on the best use of your exhibition budget.