Education Estates is a key event in the UK, focusing on the funding, design, construction, maintenance, and management of schools, colleges, and universities across the country. Exhibiting at an education-focused event like Education Estates can be a rewarding opportunity for businesses and organizations that offer products, services, or solutions relevant to the education sector, particularly those focused on the infrastructure and environment of educational institutions.

When is the Education Estates Exhibition?

This year the Education Estates exhibition, conference and awards take place on the 15th and 16th of October at Manchester Central.

How to be a successful exhibitor at Education Estates

We have helped many businesses, influencers, thought leaders, suppliers and governing bodies enhance their messaging at a host of varied exhibitions. Education Estates is one such event where the knowledge and expertise of the Starlight team is required to help exhibitors gain the exposure they need.

How can you achieve the same? Follow these tips!

1. Understand the Audience

Education Estates typically attracts a diverse audience from across the education sector, including:

School leaders and administrators

Architects and designers specializing in educational buildings

Local education authorities

Building contractors and suppliers

Government representatives and policymakers

Knowing this, tailor your messaging and offerings to meet the needs and interests of these groups. Highlight how your solutions can improve educational environments, enhance student learning, or offer cost-efficiency and sustainability.

2. Prepare Your Stand

Stand Design: Design an engaging and professional stand that reflects your brand identity and attracts visitors.   If you are looking to make your event a success, speak to the team at Starlight Exhibitions. We are experts in helping you create the perfect event for you and your team. From providing you with your own exhibition stand designer to storing your exhibition display stands, our services can cover all parts of your journey to exhibition success. With our fully reconfigurable stands meaning you can exhibit in any venue no matter the space, choose Starlight for your best opportunity to make a success of your event. Contact us today to find out how simple we can make it!

Interactive Elements: Consider incorporating interactive elements such as demos, virtual tours of educational spaces you’ve worked on, or interactive displays that show off your products’ features.  Read our blog on how interactive media at exhibitions can help you draw attention.

Information: Have plenty of informational material available, such as brochures, flyers, case studies, and business cards.

3. Demonstrate Your Expertise

Seminars and Workshops: If possible, get involved in speaking opportunities. Presenting a case study or hosting a workshop can position you as a thought leader in the educational sector.

Q&A Sessions: Be ready to answer specific questions from attendees. Deep knowledge of your product or service and its application in educational settings will be crucial.

4. Networking

Connect with Attendees: Engage with every visitor to your booth. Collect contact information for follow-up after the event. Some may have additional questions; some may be looking to secure your services. Converting event leads to sales can be done both at the exhibition or afterwards, so judge the aims of the visitors to your stand.

Engage with Other Exhibitors: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network with other exhibitors. They might offer complementary services or be potential partners in future projects.

Scheduled Meetings: If possible, schedule meetings ahead of the event with key people you know will be attending. This could deliver you opportunities for collaborations or open up the chance for a new route to sales.

5. Leverage Social Media

Pre-Event: Use your social media platforms to announce your participation in the event. Create buzz around what you’ll be showcasing. Hashtags may be a good idea to help people searching for event themed content.

During the Event: Share updates, photos, or live videos from the event to engage your audience in real time. Remember

Post-Event: After the event, post highlights and thank attendees for visiting your booth. Continue the conversation to reinforce connections made.

6. Follow-Up

Following up is critical in converting leads to customers. Organize the contact information gathered during the event and follow up with personalized messages, emails, or calls. Address specific discussions you had with the individuals to remind them of your conversation and how your product or service can help their institution.

7. Evaluate Your Participation

After the event, evaluate your participation:

Feedback: Gather feedback from the team and attendees about what worked and what didn’t.

ROI Analysis: Analyse the return on investment by tracking leads and sales generated from the event.

Improvements: Identify areas for improvement in future events based on feedback and your own observations.

Participation in an event like Education Estates is not just about immediate sales, but about building long-term relationships and establishing a reputation in the educational sector. Be prepared, proactive, and personable, and you’ll make a lasting impression.Education Estates an event overview

The event is typically held at Manchester Central, a major convention complex in the heart of Manchester. This venue is centrally located, making it easily accessible via public transportation and by road.

Education Estates an event overview

The event is typically held at Manchester Central, a major convention complex in the heart of Manchester. This venue is centrally located, making it easily accessible via public transportation and by road.

Event Features

Exhibition: The exhibition attracts a wide range of exhibitors, including those offering building materials, construction services, architectural solutions, IT technology for educational institutions, and more. It’s an excellent opportunity for stakeholders in the education sector to find products and services that meet their needs.

Conference: The conference component features speakers from various sectors within education and infrastructure, discussing topics such as sustainable design, funding strategies, policy updates, and innovative educational technology. These sessions are designed to provide valuable insights and stimulate discussions among professionals.

Awards: Education Estates also hosts an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding achievements in the design and maintenance of educational buildings. Categories typically include awards for architectural design, innovation, sustainability, and educational impact.

Who attends Education Estates?

Attendees include professionals from all levels of education (from primary schools to higher education), architects, designers, contractors, local authority representatives, and suppliers. This mix facilitates a diverse networking environment, perfect for building new connections and sharing ideas.

How much does it cost to exhibit at Education Estates?

Costs vary depending on the amount of space you require. In some cases, you can pay for both a space and supplied fixtures and fittings. However, you can also hire just the space allowing you to bring your own bespoke exhibition display stands to showcase your brand.

There are upgrades available to exhibitors too that give you an enhanced presence at the event. For £350+VAT you can find yourself with an enhanced listing on the website, and unlimited features added to your exhibitor profile, including videos, press releases, brochures and case studies. Furthermore, you will also find yourself in the digital guide with a heightened presence and be given the option to share your pass with colleagues enabling you to switch up who becomes the face of the brand at the conference when a switch is needed.

What kind of networking opportunities can I find at Education Estates?

Education Estates offers structured networking events as well as informal opportunities throughout the venue. These can include:

Networking breakfasts and lunches

Evening social events

Specific networking zones within the exhibition area

Workshops and Seminars

A variety of workshops and seminars are held during the event, focusing on practical and strategic issues faced by the education sector. These are often interactive, giving attendees a chance to engage directly with experts and peers to find solutions and share best practices.

Planning Your Visit to Education Estates 2024

Registration: You can register for the event online via the Education Estates website. There are options for attending the exhibition alone or both the exhibition and conference sessions.

Accommodation: Since Manchester Central is centrally located, there are numerous accommodation options nearby, ranging from budget to luxury. Early booking is recommended to secure the best rates and proximity to the venue.

Travel: Manchester is well-connected by train, road, and air. The venue is within walking distance from Manchester Piccadilly Station and is also accessible by Metrolink tram services.

Staying Informed

To keep up to date with the latest news about Education Estates, including speakers, session topics, and exhibitor lists, check the official website or sign up for their newsletter. Social media channels are also a good resource for live updates and engagements.

If you plan to visit or exhibit at Education Estates in Manchester, preparing in advance and knowing what to expect can greatly enhance your experience and ensure that you make the most of the opportunities available.