When it comes to creating impact, intrigue and interest in your exhibition stand and events, interactive media can be a game-changer. With rapid improvements in technology, several incredible innovations can enhance the experience for your attendees and make your stand much more engaging. And they will only keep on improving and changing the way we promote our brands over the coming years!

Which one’s work for you though? Some may provide entertainment, some may be educational, and some may even be a demo of your product or service itself.  We decided to take a look at the options that could be helping you to transform what was once a regular exhibition stand into something much more valuable to your brand.

At Nomadic, our exhibition stand designer team work to factor in the tools that can help you facilitate any of our interactive suggestions.  Read on to see which ones you want to implement and transform your events from the past, into events for the future.

Interactive media for your exhibition stand

We have picked ten key interactive media additions you could consider for your exhibition stand. Some are relatively simple to instigate, others may require a little more research. All we can say is that adding just one or some of these to your stand could turn intrigue into a lead.

Touchscreen Displays: Install touch-enabled screens or tablets at your event stand, allowing attendees to interact with your content, browse through product information, watch videos, or play interactive games. This can help create an immersive and hands-on experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences: Utilise AR technology to offer virtual experiences or overlay digital information onto the real world. For example, you could develop an AR app that allows attendees to view 3D models of your products, visualize how they would look in their own environment, or engage in gamified experiences.

Virtual Reality (VR) Demonstrations: Set up VR headsets or booths where attendees can step into virtual environments related to your brand or products. VR can provide fully immersive experiences, such as virtual tours, simulations, or interactive games, allowing participants to engage with your offerings in a unique way.

Interactive Walls or Floors: Create interactive walls or floors that respond to touch, gestures, or movement. These surfaces can display dynamic content, graphics, or animations that capture attention and encourage interaction. They can be particularly effective for showcasing visual content or conveying key messages. If your brand specialises in clothing, make-up, sunglasses or any other item that an individual would likely want to try on, interactive and augmented reality try-on mirrors could be a great way to make use of wall space.

Social Media Walls: Set up a large display showcasing real-time social media feeds related to your event or brand. Attendees can post using event-specific hashtags, and their content will be displayed on the wall, creating a sense of community engagement and encouraging attendees to share their experiences.

Interactive Kiosks: Install interactive kiosks throughout your event stand, providing attendees with self-service access to information, demos, or product brochures. Kiosks can incorporate touchscreens, product showcases, video presentations, and interactive quizzes or surveys to collect attendee data.

Gamification: Develop interactive games or challenges that align with your brand and products. Attendees can participate individually or in teams, earning points or rewards for completing tasks or solving puzzles. Gamification can create excitement, encourage participation, and promote brand awareness.

Live Demonstrations: Arrange live demonstrations or interactive presentations at scheduled times during your event. This allows attendees to witness your products or services in action, ask questions, and engage with your team directly. Live demonstrations can be captivating and provide an opportunity to showcase unique features or benefits.

Interactive tools for exhibiting

Aside from the parts of your stand that people will actively participate in using at your event, there are other aspects of interaction you may want to embrace.

Lead capture at events is just one key indicator of whether your event went well. By having the leads you generate tick a few boxes on a screen, type in just a few details, or give all the information to you quickly, a lead capture app saves you the time of filling out forms, collecting business cards or failing to read some important information you may have scribbled down.

Optimising the use of QR codes around your stand or at various POS could help you deliver results with minimal effort. Whilst the interactive media has showcased your brand to a potential client, their quick scan of your QR code gives them instant access to your website, mailing sign up or more.

Choosing to put sensors in place near your exhibition stand could be something that first sees the interest rise in your brand. Curious passers-by may be drawn in by the impressive lightbox display or the vibrant and versatile reconfigurable stand you have erected. It is only once they trigger the sensor by getting closer that perhaps a video will start on one of your interactive walls, or music will play from one of your speakers or a demo will commence. This added element of surprise is a surefire way to get people wanting to know more.

Finally, perhaps one of the kings of interaction is social media. We mentioned above how you should utilise social media at an exhibition as an interactive part of the display itself but do not discount the benefits of your active use of it. Live stream the event for followers who haven’t attended to see what they are missing out on but also use it to interact with attendees.


Remember to choose interactive media that aligns with your brand and the goals of your event. Tailor the experiences to suit your target audience, making them informative, entertaining, and memorable.

Whichever way you want to embrace the future of exhibiting at events, consider Nomadic for your bespoke exhibition stand. With a team of experienced event professionals in our ranks, we can take you through the whole process from design to implementation. We can even offer exhibition stand storage so you can have your reconfigurable display stand kept safe until you need it next. Contact us today to find out more.