Are you always looking for the best exhibition giveaway? How can you make sure they are that gift just keeps on giving?

Promotional items enable exhibitors to thank visitors for stopping by, and to extend the brand experience beyond the show floor. However, you need to choose wisely to ensure it’s something visitors will want to keep.

Ideally, you want a promotional product that will not only reflect positively on your company’s brand, but that will also align with your marketing strategy and creative theme. Whatever you select, invest in a giveaway that is durable and, most importantly, useful. Usefulness is the key reason recipients keep their promotional items.

As you research promotional products, consider your target audience.  Some promotional items appeal more to certain demographics than others. The Advertising Specialty Institute have done various kinds of market research into promotional products and in particular how people feel when they receive a promotional gift.

Promotional giveaways are available at a variety of price points, and ultimately your choices will need to fit your budget. So you may want to consider having different promotional products for different types of visitors at you exhibitions.  For example, have a lower priced giveaway for most visitors but reserve a more expensive item with a higher perceived value, for your current clients or best prospects. This blog post on the BPMA’s (British Promotional Merchandise Association) website looks at Quality vs Quanity.

Remember that exhibitions and events are about engagement, so while your giveaway should be practical, it can fun or humorous, too. Promotional gifts are a great way to thank your clients and make them feel valued.  A survey conducted by the industry’s governing body, the BPMA, highlighted the fact that almost 80% of people receiving a branded gift feel ‘appreciated’, making merchandise the most powerful advertising medium for saying thank you.

Whatever you decide for your trade show giveaway, you want it to have LONG term marketing benefits. So, you’ll need to invest in a giveaway that is durable and will last a while. Even better, if your giveaway can be used as a keepsake at work and at home.

Selecting the right giveaway is all about asking yourself “Would I use this item?”, “How long would I keep this?”, “Is it versatile?” and “What type of long term marketing benefits does it have?”. Having the right giveaway, tied in with strategic promotions can help leverage your trade show performance and get your foot in the door to new business opportunities.

Think about what’s the best promotional product you ever got at a show and why?

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