When you are choosing a stand space at an exhibition or off a floor plan, the biggest consideration is often the location and position within the exhibition hall. You want your brand to be seen, heard, and appreciated, but you will also know that you could find yourself lost among the crowd if your stand doesn’t create the right impact or is positioned in a place that doesn’t suit its appearance.

That is why you should also consider the shape of the space you choose and how you want to present your products and services within that space.  Certain exhibition stand types can look much less appealing when placed next to others that have a vastly different look so choosing that space to showcase your brand could be the key to success.

Corner display stands are often a popular choice and can certainly contribute to the success of your exhibition or trade show presence, but it is important to note that success is influenced by various factors. While a corner stand offers some advantages, it is not a guarantee of success on its own.

Let’s take a look at what corner stands can offer and how they might be the secret to your success!

Corner stands offer increased visibility

A corner exhibition stand is typically located at the intersection of two aisles, providing better visibility from multiple directions. This can attract more visitors to your stand, as it stands out from the surrounding stands. However, visibility alone is not enough to ensure success. Your stand design, branding, and marketing efforts are also important factors to consider. At Nomadic, we offer a free service where our exhibition stand designers can help create your stand in your vision whilst also factoring in the practicality necessary for it to work for the amount of footfall, its location and your purpose of attending the event.

Corner stands enhance traffic flow

Corner stands often benefit from increased foot traffic due to their strategic location. Visitors tend to navigate around corners, and your stand can catch their attention as they turn. This can lead to more opportunities for engaging with new customers at an event. However, it’s essential to have an appealing stand design and an engaging conversation starter to make the most of this advantage.

Consider how you utilise the corner, as footfall could enter from two sides, this could lead to an overly crowded area but also the chance to engage with twice the number of people that other stand types might be able to.

Corner stands give you layout flexibility

Corner stands typically offer more design flexibility compared to back wall display stands or three-sided stands, which are surrounded by exhibitors on both sides. With a corner stand, you can use two sides for displays, interactive elements, or meeting areas. This extra space can be utilised to create a captivating and immersive experience for visitors. However, it also means that you need to invest in thoughtful stand design and stand attractions to utilise the available space effectively.

Competition and Engagement

Whilst a corner stand may attract more visitors, it’s important to note that neighbouring exhibitors may also benefit from increased foot traffic. With that in mind, you’ll need to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide a compelling reason for visitors to stop at your stand. Engaging displays, interactive activities, product demonstrations, knowledgeable staff, and effective marketing materials are crucial elements for success.

But this all must be managed. If you have the perfect product, a great team and an incredible stand but no way to control the flow of people or the engagement with them, you could lose out to the stands next to you as people find your stand difficult to navigate. Consider a corner stand with multiple podiums you can base team members. In addition, see what interactive features can be utilised to encourage engagement and what furniture could be added to encourage people to wait should you be dealing with any queries.


While we at Nomadic Exhibitions think corner stands offer a great space to exhibit in, ultimately, the success of your exhibition presence depends on so much more! There is nothing more important than first impressions at an exhibition, so make sure you brief your team on not just sales techniques and exhibition body language but appearance too.

Consider, also, how you promote your exhibition before the event, certain marketing strategies will help people know your brand before they have even seen your stand or products. It is also beneficial to engage in staff training before the event to outline your exhibition objectives as well as your expectations of the team. Missing out on this could see a team lacking direction and offering very different services to potential customers. You could have one person just demoing products and another trying to get leads when in fact your goal was to secure sales!

While a corner exhibition stand can provide advantages, it should be viewed as one aspect of a comprehensive strategy rather than a guaranteed secret to success. Our exhibition guides can help provide some fantastic guidance on best practices for event success!


If you are looking for a corner exhibition stand to help increase your presence at an event, contact Nomadic Exhibitions. Our expert team can not only design and build your perfect event display but they can make it sustainable and cost effective too. Our reconfigurable exhibition stands allow you to change the stand to your exact needs as and when you need to without having to purchase a new stand. Whilst our sustainable event displays help keep your costs low and your carbon footprint even lower. Why not contact us today and see how we can design, build and store your event display?