More than ever businesses are accountable for their sustainable credentials, so how do you ensure that your exhibition display stand is sustainable and doesn’t let the side down when it comes to eco-friendliness.

Traditionally, exhibition stands had the tendency to be unsustainable – not just because of the materials that were used in the construction but the waste that was left over and not re-cycled.

Fortunately, sustainable exhibition stands are now easier to find thanks to companies like Nomadic.  For decades reusable modular displays have been available, and the beauty is they can be reconfigured over and over again.  Lighting is now also much more eco-friendly than it used to be thanks to LED technology.  In fact, it’s rare to find anything in an exhibition environment that isn’t LED so at least this is one area you don’t need to worry about!

So, what should you be looking for in exhibition sustainability?

Making your exhibition stand sustainable

It is relatively easy to create a sustainable exhibition stand that provides you with the impact you want but also has the durability to be used again and again. Compared to just a few years back, the options are wide and varied. Stands that are multi-purpose, cost effective and not only usable but recyclable when the time comes for you to no longer need them.

Use modular, durable, reusable eco-friendly display stands

If you’re planning on using your exhibition display stand once – don’t!  If you only have a one-off event, think about exhibition stand hire. It will be more beneficial and cost-effective to you. Not only that but it will give you the chance to test the market a little.

In many cases, your company will hold more than one exhibition or event in the year so it can be worth planning your stand with the future in mind. The more use you get out of the stand, the lower it costs per use will be, and as a result the lower its carbon footprint will be too. Manufacturing just one item rather than five or six, helps you and helps the planet!

Reusable exhibition stands have their advantages but also do come with some disadvantages, a common one being that it may not always fit the show you’re attending.

However, by planning ahead and speaking to an exhibition stand designer, you can make sure the stand you use will be created with practicality and sustainability in mind. Your designer will ensure that you can benefit from a fully reconfigurable display stand that can be altered to the needs of your event each and every time you need to use it.

Having a good designer in place with knowledge and expertise of the display systems available will give you the best outcome for the longevity of your display stand.  In most cases hiring additional elements is also an option for one off larger events.

If you are worried about the stand looking the same each time or your need it to look different for different audiences at different events – don’t be!  The beauty of reusable displays is that you can redress the framework according to the nature of your events and the modularity means you can play around with the layout from show to show to give it a fresh new look, scaling it up and down accordingly.

Consider eco-friendly print materials.

Many display options now have eco-friendly alternatives – recyclable fabrics and papers – water soluble inks and much more. Unfortunately, many people looking for a display stand, hunt out the cheapest or quickest option which whilst saving money or arriving within a short time period, don’t offer the more versatile features that a sustainable and reconfigurable display stand can offer.

At Nomadic, your brief will help guide us to create what you want from a stand, our expertise will then advise you on the best options to create the perfect resuable stand using the most environmentally friendly products.

Think about lighting

Within many display stands you may require lighting to help emphasise your message. If this is part of your plan, only consider LED lighting. Not only is it more efficient than other forms of illumination but when incorporated into a lightbox display, it creates an ambience of the highest quality but lowest cost when compared to other forms of lighting. Not only that but the impact it makes on the environment is also substantially less. With them being up to 6 times more efficient than conventional lighting and having a lifetime of 10,000 hours, you stand to make fantastic cost savings and benefit the environment opting for LED.

Recycle your display

If you can’t find a way to repurpose or reuse your display recycle as much of it as you can as you can. In many cases, we have had clients that no longer require their stand for future events but have instead, used it in reception areas or function rooms as a piece of marketing material to showcase successful events, product launches or other key milestones the company has achieved.

If you have chosen well from the outset, it is possible to recycle your display.  If you have aluminium frames, you can recycle them.  If you had fabric or used recyclable paper and inks, you can recycle these too!

Beyond the display stand

When you consider dressing your stand, literature and giveaways really think about the long-term use.  If you are using plants to dress your display – what will happen to them after the show? With literature go digital!   If you really feel you need to give away a freebie look at eco-friendly options or something very useful that wouldn’t get thrown away!


If you are heading to several events throughout 2023 and beyond, contact us to discuss a sustainable exhibition stand design that has your future in mind! Our team are always on hand to pass on their years of experience and make sure that you can continue exhibiting without fear of extra cost and extra impact on the environment.