Exhibiting at the Call and Contact Centre Expo at ExCeL London offers a unique platform for businesses to showcase innovations, network with industry professionals, and gain insights into improving customer experience and operational efficiency.

What is the Call and Contact Centre Expo?

The Call and Contact Centre Expo is the leading event for professionals working in contact and call centres. Bringing together technology innovators who reshape the industry, and business leaders striving to enhance customer experiences, the Expo combines two vital aspects of customer service.

Attendees can discover the latest trends shaping the future of contact and call centres through detailed seminars, immersive exhibition stands and product demonstrations. If you work in the industry directly or indirectly, as a member of a call centre team, or a company that supplies them with their tech, this is the ideal annual event to attend.

When and where is the Call and Contact Centre Expo?

For 2024, the Call and Contact Centre Expo is taking place at the ExCel London on the 27th and 28th of November. Packed with over 3500 contact and call centre professionals, it is worth getting booked early to avoid disappointment.

You can register your interest as an attendee today and if you want to exhibit at the Call and Contact Centre Expo 2024, you book a space to showcase your business to all the right people.

Who exhibits at the Call and Contact Centre Expo?

Exhibitors at Call and Contact Centre Expo include members of call and contact centres themselves as well as the businesses that strive to keep the call centres they work with at the head of the industry. At the 2023 show, this included; Khoros, Natterbox, QuestBlue, IO Solutions and Zoom among many others. You can be part of the conversation by making your presence known with an impressive modular display stand that showcases all you want your brand to be known for!

Why exhibit at the Call and Contact Expo 2024?

Exhibiting at the Call and Contact Expo 2024 puts you in an incredible position to have your business seen by those who need to see it. With the opportunity to showcase your innovation, the cost-saving benefits your business brings and the type of customer support people can expect when using your service, the expo ensures you extend the reach of your business and what it can do.

98% of attendees are looking for new tech to streamline their processes and make them more efficient, and a huge 86% of them have responsibility for purchasing. Expect to meet Heads of Customer Experience, Call Centre Managers, CRM Managers, and many more. With a wide range of industries attending, you could also find a new niche for your business to expand into. Industry heads from consumer services, healthcare, automotive, food & beverage and many more are attending and could potentially be your route to a new avenue.

Exhibiting the right way at Call and Contact Centre Expo 2024

Here’s how you can effectively plan and maximize your impact at the Call and Contact Cente Expo.

Set clear objectives

Brand visibility: Enhance your brand’s presence in the market.

Lead generation: Focus on gathering high-quality leads.

Customer engagement: Demonstrate your commitment to customer service and support.

Market feedback: Use the opportunity to gather insights and feedback on your products or services.

Pre-exhibition planning

Free exhibition stand design:   Design an exhibition stand that not only draws attention but is also functional and reflects your brand’s values. Consider aspects like seating for meetings, display screens for demos, and branding elements.

Starlight Exhibitions is the official supplier of Nomadic Display products and offers a free exhibition stand design service to all using our service.  Contact us with your brief or ask us for some inspiration, we would love to help!  We work with many exhibitors at the Call and Contact Centre Expo so are well-experienced in understanding the needs of guests and exhibitors.

What’s more, should you choose to use us for your exhibition stand, our dedicated team can also help with the installation and dismantling of your stand(s) at the show.  This enables you to put all your focus into your presentations, demos and customer engagement.

Should you need help to elevate your brand at Call and Contact Centre Expo, speak to the team at Starlight. We are the experts in creating engaging, welcoming, and captivating exhibition stands. Whether you need a lightbox display to illuminate a brand message or want to enhance your green credentials with a sustainable exhibition stand, we can help. Contact us today and allow us to transform your presence at the Call and Contact Centre Expo.

Technology and demos: Prepare engaging demos, or interactive technology to highlight your service’s benefits. VR experiences, real-time demonstrations, and interactive touch screens can be very effective.

Promotional material: Ensure you have enough brochures, product sheets, and promotional giveaways. Branded items that are practical and relevant to the industry, like phone grips or earbuds, can leave a lasting impression.

Team preparation: Choose team members who are knowledgeable, but also personable and energetic. Train them to engage with booth visitors effectively and deliver elevator pitches.

Marketing and appointments: Promote your participation via social media, email newsletters, and your website. Schedule meetings with key prospects and existing clients in advance.

During the Exhibition

Engage proactively: Don’t wait for visitors to approach you. Have your team actively invite attendees into your booth and engage them in conversation.

Schedule demonstrations: Regularly scheduled demos can attract crowds at set times, creating a buzz around your booth.

Collect leads efficiently: Use digital tools for lead collection to ensure quick and accurate data capture. Tools like QR codes or apps that integrate with your CRM can streamline the process.

Network widely: Encourage your team to explore the expo, attending talks and networking events. This can provide insights into industry trends and competitor offerings.

Post-show follow-up

Prompt response: Quickly follow up on leads with personalized messages. Include references to conversations had at the expo to trigger memory and personalize the connection.

Evaluate the event: Review the number and quality of leads generated, the feedback received, and overall exposure. Discuss what worked and what could be improved for future events.

Nurture leads: Develop a plan for nurturing leads through targeted follow-ups, informational mailings, or invitations to webinars that can help convert interest into sales.

Measure success

ROI calculation: Assess the return on investment by comparing the costs of exhibiting (including booth design, staffing, travel, and accommodation) against the gains from leads, sales, and enhanced brand recognition.

Survey participants: If possible, survey booth visitors or engage them in follow-up discussions to assess their perception of your booth and offerings.

By carefully preparing, making a significant impact during the show, and diligently following up, you can leverage your presence at the Call and Contact Centre Expo to significantly boost your business profile and customer engagement outcomes. Good luck!