The Commerce Expo is the ultimate destination for every B2C and B2B that operates in the UK and sells online. An event for all things eCommerce, from customer acquisition to logistics and operations, it brings together a host of thought leaders and decision-makers from the leading retailers and solution providers around.

For two days the ExCeL is filled with immersive content sessions, networking, and solution discovery. Ideal for tech companies to highlight their e-commerce innovation and retailers looking for solutions to help drive that bottom line in the right direction. It’s an event you need to attend if you are in the retail or tech space.

When is the eCommerce Expo?

The eCommerce Expo takes place on the 18th and 19th September 2024 at the ExCeL in London.

Why exhibit at the eCommerce Expo?

Not only do you get the chance to put yourself in front of the decision-makers and spenders of the biggest names in eCommerce, but you can find networking opportunities that may allow your brand to discover a constructive collaboration with other key tech players within the industry. Not only do you gain key sales opportunities with retailers, but you also find a route to future collaboration with companies like yours.

77% of attendees are either THE decision makers for their business or are part of the procurement team for eCommerce tech within their organisation. Interestingly over half of the attendees are either department heads, directors, or CEOs. You may never have the chance to be in front of so many key people so quickly!

Who exhibits at the eCommerce Expo?

The eCommerce Expo is truly a global affair with businesses from all over the world attending. Germany, Italy, Sweden, The Philippines, Dubai and of course The United Kingdom are all represented among many more. This means names like Mapp Digital, Scayle, Voyado and more are all in attendance. Whether it be shipping software, online marketplaces, or logistics, if it’s connected to eCommerce it will be attending.

Your guide to exhibiting at the eCommerce Expo

The eCommerce Expo requires thorough planning and preparation to maximize the impact and benefits of your presence. It’s a competitive space so you need to make sure you can stand out and demonstrate why your offering is the one retailers will benefit from the most.

1. Registration and booking space

Early booking: Secure your booth space early as popular expos like eCommerce Expo often sell out quickly. Early booking might also offer better rates. You can register your interest to be an exhibitor today.

Choose the right spot: Consider the layout of the expo floor and choose a spot with good visibility and high foot traffic, such as corners or near entrance/exits. Space can sometimes be restricted due to the rapid bookings the event receives.

2. Preparation for the eCommerce Expo

Stand design: Design an engaging and professional booth that reflects your brand identity and attracts visitors. Ensure it is equipped with the necessary technology, like screens for demos or digital presentations.

If you are looking to make your event a success, speak to the team at Starlight Exhibitions. We are experts in helping you create the perfect event for you and your team. From providing you with your own free exhibition stand designer to storing your exhibition display stands, our services can cover all parts of your journey to exhibition success. With our fully reconfigurable stands you can exhibit in any venue no matter the space too!

Materials and giveaways: Prepare promotional materials like brochures, business cards, and also consider giveaways that can draw attendees to your stand. Read our blog on Exhibition Giveaways for ideas!

Demo and presentation: If applicable, prepare a demo of your service or product. Live demonstrations can be very effective in attracting and engaging attendees.

Staffing: Ensure your booth is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly team members who can effectively communicate your brand’s message and engage with attendees.

3. Promotion before the event

Social media and marketing: Use social media to announce your participation. Engage with potential visitors by providing a sneak peek of what they can expect at your booth.

Networking opportunities: Reach out to other exhibitors and attendees before the expo via social networks or the event’s app, if available, to schedule meetings.

Press releases and media: Consider issuing a press release or getting in touch with industry bloggers to write about your participation.

4. During the expo

Engage with visitors: Be proactive in engaging visitors. Use interactive elements or multimedia presentations to catch the eye. Engaging with new customers at an event is the first opportunity for them to get a true impression of your business.

Collect contact information: Have a system in place for data capture at events. Leads are so useful as even if no purchasing commitment was made at the event, you now have the potential route to sale. Look to use a digital signup on tablets for secure digital data collection.

Live social media updates: Post updates and pictures from the event on your social media channels to engage an audience who couldn’t attend.

5. Post-expo follow-up

Follow-up emails: Send personalized follow-up emails to the contacts you’ve made, ideally within a week of the event ending.

Assess performance: Evaluate the success of your participation based on goals set before the expo (e.g., number of leads generated, deals closed, contacts made). Debrief your team and allow them to ask questions and make suggestions. It could improve your next time at an exhibition!

Plan for future expos: Use the experience and feedback from this expo to improve and plan for future exhibitions.

6. Practical considerations

Travel and accommodation: Book accommodations and plan logistics well in advance, especially if the expo attracts international attendees.

Understand venue rules: Be aware of the venue’s rules and regulations regarding stand construction, size limitations, and permissible activities.  Let the Starlight Exhibition Project Management Team help you!


Exhibiting at the eCommerce Expo, with its large scale and international audience, offers a significant opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility and expand your network. Proper planning and execution are key to making the most out of your investment. Why not contact our team at Starlight to help with a fully managed exhibition stand design, build and transportation service? That way, you can focus on what you do best while we do what we do best!