The simple truth is that product warranties aren’t important… until you have a problem!

Often you are up against tight budgets and therefore price determines your buying decision. But it’s worth think and looking into product warranties especially if many people within your organisation are setting and breaking down your display.  However clear you are with instructions of how to pack the display to keep it in good condition, personnel are usually in a hurry to leave the show or event and instructions can get missed and parts and pieces get damaged. That’s when you need the warranty.

Many companies offer a warranty on their display stands. They even have similar names, such as:

So, here are a few suggestions for how to evaluate warranties.

Get copies

You need to get a detailed description to evaluate them. Some companies publish their warranties on their website. Others don’t make it so easy. In that case, you may have to request a copy from your display consultant or customer service agent.

NHS Exhibition Stand

Compare coverage

Understand what is and is not covered. For example, is only the frame covered? How about the mounting system – channel bars, hubs, clips, fasteners? Are accessories like lights or cases covered differently?

Determine liability

Most “lifetime” warranties have a clause that states the company must inspect the product damage in order to determine whether the source is due to a manufacturing or material defect. If damage doesn’t stem from one of these two, you will be given a quote for the cost of the pop-up repair. It’s rare to find a warranty, like Nomadic’s “No Questions Asked” warranty that will repair or replace your pop-up for a lifetime of ownership even if the damage incurred to it is YOUR fault.

Anticipate your needs

How frequently will your pop-up display be used? Will set-up and break down of your pop-up display be done by the same personnel? Who in your organisation is responsible for managing property repairs?

Field vs. location repairs

Some companies promote the ability to make repairs yourself while others require that the pop-up stand be repaired at an authorised location. Field repairs may work if you have the spare parts on hand and instructions on how to install them. Ask yourself who you trust to execute a lasting repair of your display properly – a staff member or factory qualified professionals?

Understand the process

Do you call Customer Service for authorisation to return the product? Or can you submit a repair request online? Who pays shipping to the repair location? How long does a pop-up repair usually take to complete? Who pays the shipping to return your property?

Once you’ve made your purchase decision, remember to complete and return or submit your product’s warranty registration so that if the time comes for you to use it, your supplier will be ready to support it.