The Healthcare Estates Exhibition is a pivotal event in the United Kingdom for professionals involved in the design, construction, maintenance, management, and operation of healthcare facilities, including hospitals and primary care centres. It serves as a comprehensive platform for the latest innovations, technologies, and best practices in the healthcare estate sector. With over 200 exhibitors, almost 4000 attendees and more than 50 guest speakers, it gives all within the industry a great chance to expand their business, learn about new products and help enhance healthcare throughout the country.

Why attend the Healthcare Estates Exhibition and Conference

There is a wealth of information and opportunity at the Healthcare Estates Exhibition and Conference that those in the healthcare industry can benefit from. For those attending as guests, or those attending to showcase their innovative additions to the healthcare industry, it provides a great opportunity for helping improve the healthcare of the public.


The exhibition hosts a wide range of exhibitors, including manufacturers and suppliers of healthcare building products, medical equipment, technology solutions, and services related to healthcare infrastructure. This provides attendees with an excellent opportunity to discover the latest innovations in the market.

Seminars and workshops

Educational seminars and workshops are a hallmark of the Healthcare Estates Exhibition, offering insights into recent research, emerging trends, regulatory changes, and advancements in healthcare design and technology. These sessions are usually led by experts in the field, including policymakers, architects, engineers, and healthcare professionals.

Networking opportunities

The Healthcare Estates Exhibition and Conference facilitates networking with peers, experts, and potential clients or partners. This is an invaluable aspect for professionals looking to expand their contacts, share knowledge, and explore new business opportunities.

Awards and recognition

The exhibition often includes an awards ceremony that recognizes excellence and innovation in healthcare estates, such as design, sustainability, and operational efficiency. Winning or even being nominated for these awards can significantly raise the profile of a company or professional within the industry.

Themes and topics

Each year, the exhibition may focus on themes relevant to current challenges and opportunities within healthcare estates. These can include sustainability and green practices, digital innovation, patient safety and comfort, and the future of healthcare infrastructure post-pandemic.

Who is the Healthcare Estates Exhibition and Conference for?

The Healthcare Estates Exhibition and Conference provides an opportunity for many within the healthcare industry to learn, develop and inform others about new facilities, innovation in the industry and regulatory changes. This sees it popular among many sectors of healthcare including:

Architects and designers: Who are involved in planning and designing healthcare facilities.

Healthcare professionals: Including administrators and facility managers who oversee the operation of healthcare estates.

Engineers and contractors: Who play a crucial role in building and maintaining healthcare facilities.

Suppliers and manufacturers: Offering products and services for healthcare facilities.

Policy Makers and regulators: Interested in the standards and regulations governing healthcare estates.

When is the Healthcare Estates Exhibition?

The Healthcare Estates Exhibition is scheduled to take place in Manchester on the 8th and 9th of October for 2024. Dates for events after this are yet to be announced so it would be advised to contact the event team to find out more should you be looking to be involved in future events.

How to attend the Healthcare Estates Exhibition and Conference as a visitor or exhibitor

The Healthcare Estates Exhibition and Conference is open to all within the industry and whether you wish to attend as a visitor or exhibitor, you’ll need to contact the event organisers.

Registration: Interested attendees should visit the official website of the Healthcare Estates Exhibition to register and obtain tickets. Early registration often comes with discounts or special offers.

Exhibiting: Companies wishing to exhibit can find information on stand pricing, sizes, and availability on the event’s website, along with contact information for the organisers.

Stay updated: It’s also a good idea to subscribe to newsletters or follow the event on social media to stay informed about key dates, speakers, and other important information.

Remember, the specifics of the Healthcare Estates Exhibition, including dates, venue, and program details, can vary from year to year, so it’s important to consult the event’s official resources for the most current information.


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