You can still have big ideas in a small exhibition space!  There are many ways of maximising your space and brand awareness at exhibitions and even on a budget.

Think about maximising your stand space and being memorable – it’s often the case that large spaces can be unimaginative as companies reply on size alone to attract attention.  If you have a smaller space, be clever with it and ensure you are visible from a distance.

Online Fuels Exhibition Stand

Hanging Displays

Hanging displays and banners can be one way of being seen from a distance.  Hanging signs are available in many shapes and sizes and are quick to assemble.  They are reusable and you can replace the messaging for different events.  However, they can be expensive to hang at some events so ensure you keep that cost in mind when you are budgeting and check with your exhibition organiser that they allow hanging displays.

Select Your Position Wisely

Make sure you’re somewhere visitors can easily see you, no matter how large or small your stand space is – if you can’t move outwards, move upwards instead!

Utilise the Area You Have

Really make the most of the space you do have.  Think about using banner stands to create more branding areas but don’t clutter your space.  If you have a three-sided display, have a stand design that really maximises that opportunity. 3 sided displays can be designed so you have the flexibility to reconfigure the components for future events that may not have three walls.

Make Effective Use of Lighting

Lighting is a great way to attract attention and outshine your competition.  Visitors are drawn towards light and now with backlit lightbox displays easily available along with other LED lighting options, it’s really easy to add that extra dimension to your display.

Don’t Clutter Your Stand

If you do have a small space don’t clutter it!  Keep your staff numbers to a minimum; you don’t need more staff than visitors and people will feel intimidated if there are too many staff.  Don’t have too much merchandise, literature or products on your display – consider audio visual to do some of the work for you.

Use a professional stand design company to help you expand and maximise the space you have with a creative and functional design – they will have experience with what you can create for maximum impact.