What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a very broad term that identifies any advertising activity that promotes your products and services using mobile devices.  It is a multi-channel marketing technique used to reach target audiences via devices such as smartphones and tablets.  These marketing strategies could include SMS text messaging campaigns, social media marketing and in-app campaigns.

We live in a world where smartphone usage is commonplace and part of people’s daily lives. Mobile marketing has a big part to play in a company’s overall marketing plans and objectives, so there is no doubt that businesses can benefit from having a mobile marketing strategy.

mobile marketing

What are the advantages of Mobile Marketing?

There are many advantages of mobile marketing but here are just some worth highlighting and considering when planning your marketing strategy.

  • It’s cost-effective! Need we say more?  If you compare mobile marketing to more traditional methods of advertising such as print or TV, it is a very cost-effective option.  The nature of mobile marketing means reaching your target audience is more precise, meaning that the money you spend works harder.
  • Personalisation and location-based marketing are much easier using mobile marketing methods.
  • Time sensitivity and immediacy Due to audiences’ accessibility to smartphones, you can send very time-sensitive campaigns and have a greater impact.
  • Social Media can be used to enhance existing marketing campaigns, spread news and offers. It is also a great way to nurture your audience – consider viral marketing.  Viral marketing can be very powerful in successful campaigns.
  • Analysis and Trackingmobile marketing gives you the ability to use powerful tracking tools to understand user interaction and responses to your campaigns. You will be able to use metrics to monitor and change and adapt your campaigns according to the insights you get from the data.

Mobile Marketing for Events

Combining your mobile marketing efforts with your event strategy can be very advantageous. An area of growth is connecting with your audience via mobile at events and exhibitions.  Connecting with visitors to create a pre-show and at the show buzz and staying connected with them after the event creates many opportunities for engagement.

Mobile marketing is a great way to reach your existing clients before your event, keeping them informed of where you are going to be.  Use offers and giveaways in your campaigns to entice them to visit your stand at events and meet your team.  The combination of mobile marketing and face-to-face interaction can create the winning formula.

If you want to reach a wider audience and grow your database research organiser mobile media campaigns and piggyback on them with hashtags and retweets.  Look for influencers who may help you promote your presence.

At the event make it easy for your audience to engage with you and access further information.  Direct potential customers to your social media channels via flyers or QR codes on your display stand – the more channels you have the better, as some people prefer particular social platforms.

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Mobile marketing is here to stay.  The importance of mobile devices to consumers is going to grow in the coming years and those who already have a robust mobile marketing strategy in place will benefit and see the rewards.