In a world where we are all looking at sustainability, the exhibition world is no different.  Sustainable exhibition design is at the forefront of many businesses’ minds.  Traditionally, the exhibition industry created large amounts of waste that could not be recycled.  Fortunately, venues now have some recycling facilities for packing waste.

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Modular Display Stands

When it comes to the exhibition stands themselves, companies are now steering away from the traditional custom build one-off use stands that just get thrown away after the 2-3 days show.  Exhibition designers are using modular reusable exhibition stand designs to maximise sustainability.  Modular stand design means you can have the flexibility of many components that work together to create different stand designs to work in numerous sized spaces.  Take a look at these reconfigurable displays for ideas.


While modular display stands are not just more environmentally-friendly, they are often cheaper and easier to store and transport.  Modular stand design has come on leaps and bounds with customised features and technology to provide clients with a tailored and individual design.


LED Lightbox Displays

Advancements in LED technology have also meant that it’s a popular choice for exhibition design  – LED exhibition lighting is the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting option with less energy waste and long-lasting bulbs.


Promoting at Events & Capturing Data

Marketing techniques have started to change at events with QR code scanners to collect visitor data and then be able to digitally send over relevant information. This avoids the printing, storage and transportation of the often-cheap masses of giveaways and flyers that get put in a show carrier bag, never to be looked at again!

Here are our five top tips for sustainable exhibiting!

  1. Choose a high-quality, reusable modular stand.
  2. Re-use bespoke elements for multiple shows.
  3. Install LED energy-efficient lighting.
  4. Produce very limited printed marketing materials – email your brochure to potential clients after the show which gives you a reason to follow up!
  5. Choose green transport. Most exhibition venues are well connected by public transport and consider car sharing.

Take a look at our Green Policy.  Nomadic Display are making a commitment to adopting a green business environment.