Traditionally the only way to get a bespoke exhibition stand designed and built was to use a design company that used bespoke exhibition stand builders to create a display stand for you. These stands were cumbersome, made of wood and painted, whilst they may have looked good at the event, they were not built with multi-purpose in mind.  These structures were expensive and could only be used once and then after the event would be discarded with you needing to repeat the process when the next event comes around.

Thankfully businesses like Nomadic Display saw the need and practicality of custom modular exhibition stands that could be used multiple times and reconfigured and repurposed for use at many events. This then offers the business not only a very cost-effective method of promoting at events but one that embraces sustainability too.

With this flexible option now readily available, businesses are looking to find the best possible way to promote their brand consistently at shows. This often means several attempts before you can get it right the first time for future exhibition stands. With that in mind, our team pulled together the do’s and don’ts of getting your bespoke exhibition stand exactly how you want it the first time of asking.

Before diving into that though, you may want to know that a bespoke exhibition stand is what you need.

What is a bespoke exhibition stand?

A bespoke exhibition stand is an incredible way to make your brand stand out at any event or exhibition. Designed to your specifications, with size, colour and any other feature under the control of you and the team you have picked to build it, a bespoke exhibition stand is a perfect way to promote your brand and stand out from everyone else. With the option to make it fully modular, your bespoke stand can fit into any exhibition with ease without looking out of place. Unique in appearance, fully versatile and able to be customised to your varying needs at each event, this is now the most cost-effective way to promote your brand without having to head back to the drawing board each time.

Top tips for getting your bespoke exhibition stand just right

There are a few things that you can do to help make the process of getting your bespoke exhibition stand right the first time of asking. There are also some things you should avoid.

Do plan ahead – Look at the whole event schedule for the coming months, possibly even the year. This way you can ask for a custom modular display design that will work across all the events you attend. Perhaps, if budget allows, consider stands that work for different types of events. So, whilst they are reusable, you may have certain winter events or summer events, your branding may need to reflect this and therefore you could have one stand used for 3-4 summer shows and one stand used for 3-4 winter shows.

At the same time, keep sustainable exhibition stands and their reusability at the top of your plan If you can get multiple uses out of your stand not only are you benefitting your finances, you are benefitting the environment too.

Do keep the information on your display simple – you should not try and recreate your brochure on your stand.  Passers-by only have a few seconds to know who you are, what you do and what you can do for them. Too much information is not only distracting but it gives people more chances to forget what your key points are. Then they arrive at the next stand and soak up the strong but subtle message from your competitors.

Do create a unique experience – attracting visitors isn’t always easy so make your stand attractive, interactive and different so that visitors are interested. By offering demonstrations, giveaways and a space where visitors naturally feel comfortable you could find yourself already better prepared than the competition. Making an impression at an event comes from your stand as well as your team so look at opportunities to fuse them together when getting your stand designed. Is there enough space for the team to welcome visitors? Do you have enough key features to keep people entertained or intrigued?

Do a pre-build with your supplier to check everything works and is in order before the show. Not only will this allow you to see your creation come to life, but it will also give you the chance to see how it will work at the event for you. With it being fully customisable, there could be some parts you want to add or remove and only from a pre-build will you be able to assess this. This will then have you fully prepped for your exhibition stand installation come event day.

The things to avoid so you can get your exhibition display stand right

So we have covered some of the things you should do to make sure your customisable bespoke event stand is just how you want it. There are a few things you need to avoid though.

Don’t skimp on the exhibition stand graphics – consult the team that is designing your bespoke exhibition stand with full briefs, branding information and key points to focus on.

Without them, your designer could easily miss key brand messaging or apply it incorrectly. You want your exhibition stand to come alive from the moment the event begins and that can come from two things. Your team, and the way your stand looks. It is really beneficial to you and the design team to share as much information as possible. Ask if your exhibition stand designer offers a free design service, at Nomadic Display, we do and it proves to be a fantastic asset to our clients and our designers.

Don’t clutter the stand – Less is more really works. You need to remember you need space for your staff to talk to visitors so don’t have too much product on display. Don’t forget the product altogether though! Utilise space correctly and if your team have coats, bags and other belongings filling important space, think of it as a space where you could be displaying your brand. Perhaps factor storage space into your design process to avoid this. Also, consider the purpose of the stand, where leaflet holders on a table could get in the way of sign-ups and demos, see if they can be wall mounted. Where screens could be on display to showcase the brand, factor in their height and size.

Don’t cut costs to the detriment of what you are trying to achieve. A fully reusable exhibition stand needs to be high quality and constructed using premium materials, otherwise, you may be heading back to the drawing board at the end of each event considering a new supplier or new stand design.


The reusable, reconfigurable stands supplied by Nomadic Display have a full product warranty and are made to give you everything you need at an exhibition.  Contact us and let us make your next event the one where you stand out above the crowd.