Planning an exhibition has many elements and can be quite time-consuming and daunting. From staff training to perfecting closing exhibition sales techniques, from exhibition stand design to exhibition risk assessments, the level of planning can sometimes be intense. Ultimately though, get it right and it should all lead to delivering the results you desire from your event.

Making sure you maximise your space at an exhibition is an important part of the process, so investing time in writing a clear and concise brief to give to your exhibition stand provider will pay dividends come the end of your event.

In this edition of our blog, we look at how you can create the perfect exhibition stand brief for your stand designer.

The perfect exhibition stand design brief

By giving your exhibition stand supplier a concise and easy-to-understand brief is a surefire way to help you achieve the results you deserve. A slight omission could make the difference between event success, and event failure. As dramatic as that sounds, if your stand has accessibility issues, the design doesn’t allow you to present well or you’ve left out your brand name, you could find that the whole exhibition doesn’t quite go to plan.

Explain to the stand designer who you are

Start by giving your stand builder a good understanding of who you are as a company. What you do, what products and services you have and an overview of your brand story and how you fit within your marketplace.

It would also be worth explaining who your typical customer is. This way the designer can factor in a host of options that could help you snare the trade from other exhibitors.

Inform the stand designer of where the event is being held

Provide as much detail as possible about the exhibition you are going to – many suppliers will likely know about the event, but it is good to provide this information.  Tell them the dates and the location of the space you have at the show.  Have you booked space only or a shell scheme? Do you need a meeting area or storage?

If you have booked space for multiple events give details about all of them – if you choose a stand supplier who provides reusable, modular displays they will be able to design a display that can be used at all your events even if you have different stand spaces and sizes.  Reconfigurable displays allow for a much more practical event experience and help save you money by giving you an all-in-one display option that is not only a fully versatile option but a sustainable display stand option too.

Inform them of your exhibition objectives

Really think about your exhibition objectives as this can affect the design of your stand.  Tell your supplier why you are at the event and what you hope to achieve.  Are you collecting leads?  Do you want to make direct sales?  How many staff will be on your stand and how do you plan to process visitors? Will you need a reception area or a meeting area? Is it a brand awareness exercise where you really need to push the boundaries?  Whatever it is make sure you put it in your brief as it will make a difference.

Explain who your target audience is

Tell your stand designers who your audience will be and their demographic to ensure they design an appealing display that is right and enticing for the visitor.  Think about technology, colour, stand attractions and what your strategy is to appeal to your audience. Interactive elements work well with some types of audience, giveaways are popular with others. Fuse together a mix of what resonates well with the attendees but also has you standing out as the exhibition stand innovators of the event. Your chosen stand designers will be able to show you how to create this perfect fusion.

What is your exhibition budget?

Many people avoid the subject of cost!  But it is important to give your designer your budget even if it is a range for them to work within.  It’s hard for designers to create the perfect exhibition stand without a budget.  Being open from the outset will save time and effort on everyone’s part and you are more likely to get what you are looking for the first time round.

Factor in any additional services you may need

There are many extra services that you will need to consider for your stand space.  Think about:

  • What type of flooring do you want – will it need to be a raised platform? Carpet or vinyl?
  • Will you have products to display? Or will you need a demo area?
  • What power will you require?
  • Do you require water and waste?
  • Will you need internet services?
  • What audio-visual requirements do you have?
  • Do you need installation and dismantling services?
  • Do you need any lifting equipment?
  • Do you need to store your display after the show?

Talk to your supplier to see if they can offer a complete exhibition service. One area often missed by others is factoring in any regulations the venue may have to adhere to. Depending on the trade you are involved in, you may have to adhere to some too. Include this information in your brief to ensure you do not fall foul of any rules.

Have a vision of how you want your exhibition stand to look

Your graphics on your stand speak volumes about your company and gives the stand its personality.  Usually, your design is an extension of your existing branding but sometimes it is relevant to do something different.  Do you want to highlight any areas with lightboxes or extra height messaging?  Give your designer as much of your marketing materials as possible so they can get a feel for your company’s values and branding. Exhibition stand fonts can create a huge impact and sometimes, even going off-brand can help if it fits the audience or event type.

Tell them what you like!

If you have visited exhibitions before and seen something you like, tell your designer.  Even better take photos at events and start to build a library of the stands that appeal to you.  Think about what you thought worked well and what didn’t work so well with your last display stand.  Giving ideas of what you like really helps.  Explore our gallery to see if anything stands out for you.

Ask questions!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – we love to be able to answer exhibitors’ questions to help you achieve your goals.  Contact us and ask away! With a team experienced in helping create exhibition magic. Whether you require a bespoke pop up stand or a stunning lightbox display to showcase your brand, we’ve got you covered. We can even provide safe and secure exhibition stand storage so you can be ready to go as soon as the next event appears on your calendar.