Rebranding or refreshing your exhibition graphics is essential to attracting attention. If you are thinking about a rebrand or simply want a new look for your exhibition stand but don’t know where to start you may find some of these tips helpful!

Change can be daunting but change is great for your brand.  It gives you an opportunity to refocus and reposition your business and gets your business talked about and even attracts new crowds.

98% of our senses are geared to visual imagery, it’s the most important sense we have.  You need to use eye-catching powerful graphics and keep the message simple.

Remember the’ three-second rule’: three seconds is all the time it takes a visitor to walk past and sum up most stands. A successful exhibition stand will display graphics that inform the target audience of who the company is, what the company does and most importantly what the company can do for its customers, within those three seconds.

Exhibition Stand for Collinson at Biba

Tips For Large Format Graphics

With large format graphics use as little text as possible and keep it bright, simple and bold.  Think about the position of your company name and message so you can be recognised from near and far.  Be creative and think about backlighting to highlight important areas or messages within your exhibition stand.

Make sure your stand is memorable; try to show your product or service in an interesting or themed way that visitors simply cannot miss – be sure to get noticed!

Do You Need A Rebrand?

Before your rebrand decide on the needs and goals of your business. It could involve a brand new logo or a total visual rebrand but you don’t always have to make big changes to make a difference, it could be as simple as changing a colour or message.

If you think it’s time for a complete rebrand, really think about:

  • Branding and design that will change your business function and attract more or better quality customers
  • Whether your business need a fresh start
  • How you can stand out and apart in your market

Don’t just rebrand for the sake of it, you have to have focus and purpose to truly be effective.  You need to work to a plan to ensure new and old audiences understand your changes and why you have made them.  You need to deliver these changes effectively and communicate them across all platforms that your business is involved in, including website, social media, event marketing and email.  Don’t forget to communicate your message within your business to staff and suppliers to keep messaging consistent.  Your staff are key to communicating change and being part of any change within your organisation.

If you need advice on revamping your display and creating a new look for your business Contact Us!