Who is NMI?

NMI, is a payment gateway service that provides processing for high-risk merchant accounts. It has a high level of customization and allows users to pay using many methods. Moreover, NMI processes billions of dollars in payments each year, making it one of the largest gateways worldwide.


The Challenge

To design a modular but impactful exhibition kit that is modular and flexible enough to work in a number of stand space sizes & types whilst also offering the easy change of messaging to suit NMI’S various target markets.


Display Stand Requirements

Nomadic Display and previously worked with one of what is now one of NMI’s subsidiary’s called Creditcall  mainly providing self-build solutions for them.

After acquiring Creditcall, NMI also had a requirement for a solution that would allow a single investment to give the brand a high impact presence across the four B2B events that they had chosen to exhibit at during 2022.

They required a single modular solution that would support demonstrations of their tech but would also allow maximum space on the stand to interact with stand visitors.

The stand needed to support their brands bright colour pallet, offer a modern look and still be practical.

Due to the nature of their business and their events they wanted to work with a company who could manage their events, offer installation, breakdown and storage to ensure consistency at every event.

“Thanks for your work on the stand. It looked great and the sales guys thought it was ideal for the style and size of the show”

Pete Alcock, Head of Product Marketing

Our Solution

The was the prefect brief for us in that Nomadic Display specialise in modular solutions.

Our in house 3d design team produced a truly modular solution using a blend of our tension fabric Edge system and our LED illuminated Brightwall solution. The Edge system was used to support a demonstration screen whilst the Brightwall LED solution allowed certain key messages to be highlighted in a modern, impactful and innovative way. The system can be configured to fit multiple stand types and sizes.

Our modular solution allows NMI to nuance their messaging by simply and inexpensively replacing certain graphic panels. This approach offers maximum economy.

NMI used Nomadic Display’s storage and stand set up services across 4 shows in 2022, with stand sizes ranging from 5.5mx 2.5m, 6mx2m to 3mx3m.