The RWM (Recycling and Waste Management) Expo is one of the UK’s leading trade shows for recycling and waste management. Featuring experts from such sectors as energy from waste, and handling and logistics, it also showcases new technologies related to recycling and managing waste.

It provides a comprehensive platform for professionals in the recycling and waste management industry to network, learn about the latest innovations, and discuss strategies for waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable environmental practices. Here’s a closer look at what the RWM show typically encompasses:

When is the Recycling Waste Management Expo 2024?

For 2024, the Recycling Waste Management Expo (also known as RWM) takes place at the Birmingham NEC on September 11th and 12th. Both days are full of news, awards, innovation and more, giving all those in the industry the optimal opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals.  Should you feel this is an expo your face needs to be seen at, you can register your interest today!

What are the aims and objectives of the Recycling Waste Management Expo?

Attending the Recycling Waste Management Expo provides those connected with the industry a great opportunity to develop their business, learn about innovations and showcase their own sustainability credentials. If you work in the trade yet have not expanded your reach as successfully as you had hoped, attending this show could be the transformational solution you are looking for. Below we have highlighted the key aims and objectives of the show so that you can see how they align with your objectives.


Visiting the Recycling Waste Management Expo as an exhibitor or visitor helps put you in among the right circles of the great and good of the industry. It brings together professionals from various sectors, including public and private sectors, to foster networking opportunities, giving you the chance for the business expansion you hadn’t perhaps thought possible.


Innovation is the key to success of any industry and at the RWM Expo, you’ll see various businesses showcasing the latest innovations and technologies in waste management and recycling.

Knowledge sharing

At the Recycling Waste Management Expo, you’ll have the chance to take part in or view seminars and workshops led by industry experts to share knowledge and best practices.

Sustainability solutions

Sustainability is a key focus for many businesses right now but sometimes, we fall short on ideas. At RWM, you’ll be able to learn more about providing solutions that help businesses and organisations become more sustainable in their operations.

Who is the Recycling Waste Management Expo for?

Anybody connected to recycling and waste management should make attending the show a priority. This includes:

Industry professionals

From recycling and waste management companies, local government, and environmental agencies to product manufacturers and industrial companies looking for waste solutions.

Suppliers and innovators

Companies offering the latest technologies and services in recycling, waste management, and sustainability.

Policymakers and regulators

Those involved in creating and enforcing waste management legislation.

Environmental organisations

Non-profits and advocacy groups focused on environmental protection and sustainability.

What should you expect at the Recycling Waste Management Expo?

There is plenty to offer all visitors and exhibitors at the Recycling Waste Management Show. From informative seminars to awards for recognition, you can spend time hopping from stand to conference picking up valuable information each step of the way.

Exhibitor stands

Numerous companies set up exhibition display stands to demonstrate their products and services, from recycling machines to software for waste management logistics. If you plan to exhibit at the RWM, speak to our team, we can help you with the free exhibition stand design, and then construct it for you so you stand out at the show.

Seminars and conferences

Educational sessions at the Recycling Waste Management Expo cover a wide range of topics, including the latest industry trends, regulatory updates, and case studies of successful waste management practices.

Live demonstrations

Some exhibitors at the RWM may provide live demonstrations of their equipment or technology in action, offering a hands-on understanding of their capabilities. Useful if you are in need of new equipment in your business, or useful if you seek inspiration for your next groundbreaking recycling or waste management initiative.

Networking opportunities

The event typically includes dedicated spaces and times for networking, allowing attendees to meet with potential suppliers, customers, or partners.

Innovation awards

Recognition of groundbreaking products or services in the industry, highlighting the commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Is RWM sustainably minded?

Given its focus, the RWM Exhibition places a strong emphasis on sustainability, both in the practices it promotes and in the management of the event itself. This might include measures to reduce waste generated by the show, encouraging digital materials over printed ones, and using sustainable materials in the setup of the exhibition space.

Starlight Exhibitions by the very nature of what we do offer sustainable displays for exhibitions that can be reused and are made of eco-friendly materials.  Simply ask our team for some expert guidance and they can have you showcasing your business and its innovation sustainably.

By bringing together the latest in policy, technology, and practical solutions, the RWM Exhibition plays a crucial role in driving the agenda for more efficient and sustainable waste management and recycling practices globally.


Should you need help to elevate your brand at the Recycling and Waste Management Expo, speak to the team at Starlight. We are the experts in creating engaging, welcoming, and captivating exhibition stands. Whether you need a lightbox display to illuminate a brand message or want to enhance your green credentials with a sustainable exhibition stand, we can help. Contact us today and allow us to transform your presence at RWM.