Exhibiting your business at an exhibition can take a lot of preparation, work and time. However, it is an exciting and awarding experience for all involved. With all of the planning and investment that goes into an exhibition, it is critical you are not let down at the last moment by the shipping of the display.  It’s really worth considering your exhibition stand transport well in advance.

Here are some exhibition tips worth considering before transporting your display:


  • The more time you allow yourself for shipping, the more options you have.
  • Leaving shipping until the last moment often means it will increase your costs, as you will have to get the shipment to the show using the fastest method which comes at a premium.


  • Find out if you can deliver direct to the stand space or do all shipments go to a central holding depot at the venue?
  • You may need to arrange delivery from the central holding depot to the stand space separately.

Find out all the information above, otherwise on the setup day you could find an empty stand and a costly delay whilst your shipment is located and retrieved.

Which Carrier?

Find out if there is an official or preferred carrier assigned to the show for shipping trade show equipment. There may be several advantages to using the official carrier:

  • They will get preferential treatment on-site because they are working with the venue and are therefore likely to be more efficient.
  • If you have any problems with your shipment there will be somebody on-site to help.
  • They will have already planned shipping deadlines for you to follow. The earliest (and cheapest) being by sea, next by road and finally (and most costly) by air.
  • Shipping costs may be cheaper compared to other carriers because they are making bulk shipments.


  • Check what insurance cover is offered with the standard shipping service.
  • Most carriers should cover you for loss and damage.
  • Check what additional cover they offer. You may wish to purchase top-up cover for delays and unforeseen circumstances i.e. acts of God.

International Shipping and Custom Clearance

  • Consider the extra time and cost needed for customs clearance
  • Check what taxes and duties are relevant depending where you are shipping and avoid hidden costs
  • Check what documentation you require
  • Ask your exhibition stand supplier for advice as they will have had plenty of experience in shipping exhibition equipment.

Consignment Labels

    • Make sure every case, box and carton are clearly labelled with the following:
    • VENUE


  • Even if you shrink wrap a pallet of items – make sure each box is labelled in case the wrap splits.
  • Put your company name, telephone number and contact name inside and outside the case using indelible ink (many exhibitors will have purchased their displays from the same manufacturer so they will all be in identical cases).
  • Ensure that you have adequate labels pre-printed with the return details packed in one of the cases for when the show ends.