Whether it’s a roadshow or a team meeting, an outdoor sales event, or a charity fundraiser, getting the POS display right is vital to ensuring brand message and engagement are maximised.

Often though, too much POS is bought along and can, if anything, make the event much more of a failure than a success. Overcrowded display stands create a messy display that can reduce guest participation. Not enough POS can result in lost sales or leads.

Sometimes though, your brand necessitates the need for multiple types of POS. You want your brochures, leaflets, or gifts to be taken, and benefitted from but are aware of the fact visitors are being presented with the same by a multitude of other hosts at the event.

Maybe, you go the other way though and have one hero piece of POS that eclipses the variety of flyers, catalogues and cards that others are handing out.

We took a look at what you could do to make your POS deliver the best results.


The best POS ideas for you to implement at your event

You may have spent vast sums of money on printing, staffing, giveaway items and a whole lot more but if the message does not connect with an audience, it is money pretty much wasted. Following these ten tips will ensure you give your brand the best chance of being the one that is remembered come the end of the event.

Consider unique or stand-out shapes for your displays. Having exhibition counters that buck the trend is a great way to make people stop and pay attention. From here, with your best sales team manning it, you can turn your counter into a hive of sales and interaction.

Find the right colours for your displays. Something too bland will see people walk right past, and something too bright may compromise the brand message. Perhaps consider the brand colours but avoid anything monochrome where possible. Sticking to brand guidelines across all your POS will undoubtedly lead to a consistency that will ensure your brand stays memorable.

Making something interactive is a surefire way to make a display talk to the customer-literally! If a screen or QR code can bring your product to life, you may have already secured the sale before you have even spoken about it.

Less is certainly more in the world of POS utilisation. If you have too many leaflet stands, too many posters, and too many free pick-up items, you don’t have the space to showcase either you or your product. A cluttered space doesn’t make you look busy, it makes you look messy and that means fewer people coming to check out your brand.

Focal points allow for the customer to be drawn in. This could tie in with any interactive features your POS may have but should you not have any, consider making one aspect of the display a focal point, then built the rest of your display around it.

5 ideas to take your POS beyond the leaflet stand

Your current exhibition counter may look great, you may have nailed the design on the leaflets, you may have created the best interactive display at the event. You might have even had the best sales pitch when people approached you at your counter.

How though, do you ensure that people leave remembering who you are and what you do so that they consider you before any competitors?

Branded shopping bags are an easy way to make sure you stay noticed. The number of brochures, leaflets and gifts picked up at events need to go somewhere and if people are storing other brands’ items in your bag, it’s you who is being noticed all day long. The thing is, many companies are doing this. You need to be innovative and in these days of sustainability, source reusable non-plastic bags so people are more inclined to keep them when they return to the home or office.

Kids’ toys are an easy way to retain a brand name with minimal effort. You won’t use them yourself but when your child won’t leave the toy truck alone or keeps spinning that fidget spinner, your logo might just be the one that stays on a customer’s mind when key considerations are being taken.

Mugs are an easy option and cheap. Now you can’t consider storing them on your counter or carefully merchandised beside it. They create too much of a risk of damage and hinder sales space, but you could perhaps add them to a goody bag that includes a brochure, flyers and perhaps vouchers. A cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate could lead to regular brand awareness with minimal effort!

Bounce-back vouchers can make for a quick win for retail brands. If you are showcasing a product launch, a seasonal event or an on-trend range, one of the easiest ways to generate brand awareness is to make sure the customer sees a benefit in using it that rewards them. A discount and a product are always good for showing customers the quality of the brand.

Stationary always works and depending on when your event is hosted, this can extend beyond pens and notebooks to calendars and planners. People always need pens and come Christmas; people are always looking for calendars. Planners can be especially useful as you can have your business contact information printed on it so that it is always on show to those using it!


At Nomadic Display, we know just how important it is to get your brand out there. In a world where everybody is competing for space as well as attention, it is more challenging than ever to have you be the one that stays longer in the mind than the competitors. Our gallery showcases how we can make your event POS create the impact you want. Whether it be hanging displays, a pop-up or a counter of any style, contact us to see how we can give your business a boost.