Employing a knowledgeable and experienced company to give you exhibition stand design ideas is important to your overall success at a show.  They will be able to draw on experience on what has worked well in the past, give you ideas and include what you need on your stand.

When you have decided on your exhibition stand layout design, you then need to think about the branding, graphic impact and messaging on your display.

One area that sometimes gets overlooked is how colour can impact your success.  98% of our senses are geared to visual imagery, it is the most important sense we have. You need to use eye-catching powerful graphics and keep the message simple.  Use bright, striking or vibrant colours.  Coordinate your whole colour scheme to convey the right message.

Consider moving away from your corporate colours – there is often a sea of blue stands at exhibitions with blue being a popular B2B colour – while blue is by no means a bad choice at an exhibition you need to stand out from the crowd and make your stand memorable.

One way to move away from your corporate colours is to create a theme for your stand, for example, outer space or a jungle theme.  You can still incorporate your logo and messaging into the design but use a clever twist to create an exhibition display design that stays in the mind of the visitor long after the show.

Think about colour psychology and how it impacts the way we perceive a brand or how it effects our emotions. It is proven that these emotions play a part in how consumers behave.  Colour can be a powerful tool when you are designing your exhibition stand.

While there will always be subjectivity in the meanings of colour it is generally felt that some of these words are the positive interpretations of the colour:

Red is associated with the heat of energy, passion and love

Orange is for creativity, youth and enthusiasm

Yellow is for happiness, hope and spontaneity

Green is for nature, growth and harmony—but also wealth and stability

Blue is for calm, trust and intelligence

Purple is for luxury, mystery and spirituality

Pink is for femininity, playfulness and romance

Brown is for wholesomeness, warmth and honesty

Black is for elegance, power and sophistication

White is for minimalism and simplicity

Multicolour is for fun, diversity and optimism

Gold, silver, bronze are for wealth, prosperity and success

Colour Psychology Infographic

While there is no exact science and people will have personal preferences or cultural interpretations – colour is definitely worth considering when you are designing your display.  Whilst it is important that you retain your brand recognition at an exhibition, there are clever ways you can use colour within your exhibition stand design to make your stand interesting and one that people are talking about.

Getting visitors on to your stand really impacts the success you will have in terms of meeting your show objectives and lead targets – you need to create intrigue for passers-by to want to ask questions or take photos of your display – take the opportunity to take your brand to the next level and make your exhibition stand a visitor experience.