Exhibition and event preparation is one of the many keys to your success, regardless of what trade you are in. For many customers, this could be the first time they see your brand and the first time they get to discover more about why you are right for them.  It’s important to make that interaction count!

Before you get to that stage though, you need to prepare a plan, not just for the event itself, but for how you want to demonstrate your brand and make your exhibition stand shout louder than anyone else.

Your exhibition stand, alongside your sales team, is your main attraction. Without it, the leads, sales, and competition will have nothing to view, learn from or remember. Think of your exhibition stand as your unspoken voice! Your stand could be saying more about your brand than you ever could so it’s a tool you cannot do without!

With that in mind, our team of display experts have put together 10 top tips worth considering to help you create a fantastic exhibition stand.

1.     Choose the right show to promote your brand

Having a great looking stand is no good unless you are at the right show. Every year there are exhibitions up and down the country that could all lend themselves to your business, however, some may not be relevant to your specific aims.  The expense you put behind attending an exhibition may also be limited so finding the event(s) that specifically fulfil your objectives is incredibly important. You should also look at the type of exhibition it could be. Is it an action-packed, extravaganza of an event, or is it a quiet affair with less demo, and more talk? The type of stand you choose needs to match the atmosphere of the event.

2.     Choose the right exhibition stand

Later in our guide, we will talk about space and how the right stand for the right space is really important but what if space wasn’t an issue? Have you got the right stand in mind to help make you stand out? Do you want something that can be used again and again? Is it just a one-off? Determining the stand type you need is perhaps one of the most important processes in considering a good exhibition stand. Pop up stands are versatile and easy to use, island display stands allow you to host and demo as people observe your brand up close and on the features of the stand itself.

3.     Set your exhibition objectives

To make the exhibition stand work the way you want it to, you need to make sure you have set both you and your team some exhibition objectives. Without them, you will be unable to have a clear vision of what you what to gain from your display.  Do you want to capture data, complete a sale or is it just a networking exercise? Focus on the objective and then curate your exhibition stand around that. Too many mixed messages will take you away from achieving the goal you have set.

4.     Consider your target audience at the exhibition

Who is attending the show? Are the attendees likely to buy your product or are you just trying to create brand awareness before a launch? Perhaps you want to demonstrate a finding from research. Understanding the attendees and knowing your objectives will help you have the best possible exhibition display stand for your audience. Create it with attendees and their reasons for attending in mind. A stand for selling a product can be vastly different from one where you just want to secure data capture. Aim for engagement regardless though!

5.     Utilise your exhibition space

You want to make the space you are allocated work to its maximum potential. Different stand types can lend themselves to a variety of spaces no matter their shape and size. A small space can still make a big impact and in some cases, if that space is utilised correctly, it can make more of an impression than a smaller stand in a bigger space. For years we have been helping businesses see how easy it is to make small stands more inviting. Consider this when it comes to designing exhibition stands for your business.

6.     Create a powerful marketing message

There will be many other exhibits vying for attendees’ attention so having your brand spotted and acknowledged before others is important. Create visuals/branding that will entice visitors and consider how it is positioned so it can be seen from both near and far.  Large-format graphics can certainly draw in a crowd and lights can enhance the appeal of the message you want to convey.  A backlit exhibition stand or lightbox is one way and is something we are seeing more and more of in the exhibition sector. With new LED technology making it more affordable and more eco-friendly, many marketers and now exploiting this opportunity in their exhibition stands to make their brand message one people cannot miss.

The marketing message on the stand should also be echoed in social posts and any marketing material you distribute. Where possible maximise the height options, if you can go taller, and it doesn’t go against the overall theme of the event, do it! People will see you from further afield and if you have the branding on point, you could be luring people in. Furthermore, consider the positioning of your team, if an important message is obscured by furniture, belongings, or the sales team, you could be missing out!

7.     Keep exhibition stand text to a minimum

There may be many messages you want to show passers-by but, they don’t have time to read long paragraphs of text. All they need is to know who you are, what you do and what you can do for them in a very short space of time. To give a more detailed explanation of your brand, perhaps consider a takeaway brochure or flyer, maybe incorporate a QR code onto your stand so that people can scan as they pass.

8.     Make your exhibition stand welcoming

You want people to stop and chat, you want to secure that sale, lead or have them watch the demo. How are you going to invite people onto your stand?  Consider using reception counters or a more mysterious entry point to create intrigue – your first impression is important so make it a good one!

Other features like seating areas or refreshments bars can create a relaxing environment to carry out meetings but also consider how long you want people to be on your stand.  Therefore, it is important to think about your target audience and how busy the exhibition will be. You may need your audience to pass through your stand quickly. An additional touch is to make your stand interactive! As we mentioned earlier, QR codes are a great way to get your brand on the tech of visitors and video screens are a great way to captivate when your team may be engaging with other potential clients. Choosing the right incentive can help swing interaction in your favour.

9.     Include promotional items with your exhibition stand

We have already mentioned brochures or flyers, but they are to create sales and become a reference point for new custom. What about something that someone can take away with them and use daily? Keep your brand in their memory with no effort from yourself at all. Mouse mats, keyrings, maybe USB stick? Incorporate these into the stand and welcome people to come and take one, that is when your sales team can jump into action and convert that gift recipient into a potential new customer.

10. Train your exhibition sales staff

A good exhibition stand isn’t just about the stand itself, the team that makes it work are just as, if not, more important. Ensuring your staff are on board with your objectives for the show is vital.  Your people are key to your success so invest time in training them and giving them advice on how to engage with your audience.  Incentivise them to hit the targets you have set for the show and make the experience fun!



If you require any advice or ideas for your next exhibition or event, please contact us for a free no obligation stand design.  We will work with you to create a brief for our experienced designers who will make sure you stand out from the crowd.