Pop-up display stands revolutionised the exhibition industry over 40 years ago when it meant that companies could now source a cost-effective and alternative solution to the not-so-practical older and less versatile stand types.

Offering businesses the bonus of both reusability and rebranding flexibility, a pop-up display stand provides exhibitors with a lifetime of exhibiting potential as well as fantastic options to host in a variety of venue types.

Pop-up displays are close to the heart of what we do at Nomadic Display. It was actually our founder that invented them, so occasionally, we may seem a little biased. That doesn’t come without evidence to support our words though.

Utilising pop-up display stands allows you to save cash and, in a time, when businesses of all sizes are needing to protect their bottom line more than ever, every little helps.

At Nomadic Display we appreciate this and that is why our Instand pop-up displays offer a Lifetime Warranty. This means you can benefit from a premium display stand and event experience both today and in the future. So how can a pop-up display be a key to event success? Let’s have a look.


What are the benefits of pop-up display stands?

A pop-up display stand not only provides you with a cost-effective way to promote your business at an event but also a versatile way to present thanks to the way it integrates with other products. This means that no matter the exhibiting space, you can create an area that speaks volumes to your audience. What other benefits can a pop-up display stand bring though?

Pop-up display stands are easy to assemble

Pop-up displays are lightweight and simple to assemble removing the need for additional labour costs. They are so simple you can do them yourself in no time! However, should the event be taking up more of your time than you expected, you could always benefit from professional exhibition stand installation. This then allows you to focus more of your time on you and your team.

However, should you wish to set it up yourself, a few simple procedures can have you benefitting from a pop-up stand in no time. The self-locking elements create rigidity, and magnetic bars for fixing and aligning graphics allow for some incredible high-impact imagery.

Easy to Store

Pop-up displays collapse and pack down into small cases and won’t take up much space to store. This can be so beneficial when the event comes to an end, the last thing you want is to be fiddling with fixings and fittings in an attempt to bring your exhibition to a close. With them not needing much space to be stored in, you can take them back to your office, you could even use them as a display in your reception area or conference rooms to showcase some of what you have done. Should those not be an option, consider an exhibition goods storage facility. This way your display can be stored safely and ready for your next event.


Easy to transport

A pop-up stand is easy to transport in wheeled cases and is both lightweight and portable. This can help save on additional transportation costs as well as labour costs. It also means that getting into the arena or out of it will not pose you with any difficulties that more cumbersome or large exhibition stands or accessories might. Thanks to them also being reusable and reconfigurable, you only ever need to transport what you need rather than lots of excessive parts that won’t be on display or fit into the event space you have booked.

An eye-catching way to display

Pop-up displays also give you large areas for branding.  You can create eye-catching graphics to draw attention at your event with a professional finish. Matching this same branding with your islands where you may host or demo from keeps the look standardised but also doesn’t minimise the impact should you need to reduce the number of islands you use.

Variations of pop-up display stands

Often pop-up display stands are only used in small spaces but with the variety of options available and the reconfigurable nature of them, you can use them pretty much anywhere.

A curved pop-up display stand can be extremely beneficial when floor space may be a little reduced but you still want to create maximum interest and exhibit a curvaceous modern style. With a variety of sizes available to customise to your needs, curved stands become a premium option for a host of different events.

A standard flat pop-up display stand is your traditional no-nonsense but maximum-impact display stand. Popular for all types of product launches, or simple presentations, they can be added to or reduced depending on your exhibition needs.

Perhaps you go by the notion that bigger is better and if the space you have secured for your event is large enough, you could consider a combined pop-up display, this way you can embrace a multitude of options that present your event area more like a little room than a single stand. These can give you a huge chance to showcase much more of your business and give potential leads more opportunity to discover more about your business.

The beauty of these Instand pop-up display systems is that they can integrate and link together so you can use elements in small and large display spaces and even link to other product ranges. Each element will pack into its own wheeled case allowing easy transportation, fast set up and breakdown removing labour costs or at least help in keeping them low.

Island pop-up displays can be reconfigured into different layouts and can be rebranded with replacement graphics so you can change your messaging depending on your audience.  If you only have a one-off event it may be worth considering exhibition stand hire.  Most display companies will offer a hire option giving those that have a one-off event a quick and easy way to be fully prepared for their event, or for those new to exhibiting it gives a try before you buy element!

Add accessories and increase your pop-up stand impact!

So, once you have chosen the type of pop-up stand suitable to your event space you may want to consider the options for accessorising.

Some pop-up display stands will offer integral shelving units, lighting accessories, bespoke lighting elements and mounting systems for AV. This can help further the impact your stand creates and also allow for additional elements that can keep leads informed and entertained.  Speak to our experts about how easy it is to make your pop-up island display bespoke.


If you are looking to make your brand stand out at the next event, speak to the team at Nomadic Display. With years of experience designing unique environments, we can help you create an exhibition that not only excites you today but grows with you over years to come. Use our free solutions design service to unlock the full potential of your exhibition space.