At any exhibition one of the primary aims is to make sure that your exhibition stand jumps out and alerts people to your presence at the event. Creating impact is just part of how your company and brand can make a success of any exhibition.  There are, of course,  many other factors that will be key to your success but there is no denying that first impressions at an event count!

One of these factors is what type of exhibition display stand to use. With such variety on the market, it is easy to discover advantages and disadvantages with them all.

Custom-built stands are created to your exact requirements allowing for complete versatility in your approach to each event. Whereas in the past, a multitude of stands may be needed to fulfil your exhibiting plans, it has become more evident that companies are committing more to the idea of reusable features.

Fortunately, advancements in modular exhibition stands now provide exhibitors with a more sophisticated look, flexibility, bespoke features and overall, a cost-effective solution. And now with the exhibition scene more or less back to normal, it has become apparent that cost-effectiveness is higher on the agenda than ever before.

What is a reusable exhibition stand?

A reusable reconfigurable exhibition stand is made up of separate components which fit together in different configurations.  Making it versatile yet perfectly suited to the needs of your event.

An exhibition stand I can reuse is often something we get asked about a lot. People want to save on their workload by having one item that can be used again and again rather than having a new item for every event. A new item that then costs money to produce, time to design and potentially poses more of an environmental impact.

The beauty of these displays is that if you have a set of events in mind the exhibition supplier can design a series of displays that will fit into different sizes using the same components saving you money each time.  The components are quick and easy to assemble as well as dismantle and are lightweight enough to easily transport. This flexibility offers a very affordable solution at a time when businesses are looking to save as much money as possible.

What are the benefits of a reusable exhibition stand?

More and more businesses are taking advantage of what can save them time and money and this is where the benefits of a reusable and reconfigurable exhibition stand can really be seen.

Adaptable displays

Modular stands offer a slick and stylish look that is designed with your brand in mind. They are easily adaptable to changing space dimensions.

Whether you have a small exhibition space or have managed to secure a large area to promote your business, modular displays have the ability to fit perfectly into these spaces. Additional sections can be added on or removed when your footprint changes from one show to the next.  If your message or branding changes in the future, you can just replace the graphic elements.

You could even use your stand as part of your internal promotions back at your office. Showcasing your previous attendance, illustrating your creativity or simply adding to the promotion of a product, your stand doesn’t just have to be limited to being seen at events.


Perhaps for many, the key benefit. And with sustainability at the forefront of our minds, sustainable exhibition stands like these offer both longevity and environmental benefits. Simply Invest in the exhibition stand once and reuse it for multiple shows. This means less waste, less expense and a positive attempt at enhancing your corporate social responsibility.

Easy to assemble and dismantle

The components of modular stands help provide an easy exhibition stand installation as well as dismantling. This means you can save time and reduce labour costs by using exhibition stands that are built with repeated use in mind.  In some instances, the smaller stands can be self-built removing the need for labour altogether.

Easy transportation

Being lightweight and portable is one of the best features of modular displays. With transport complications removed and the fact that you only ever need to bring the parts you need, you can save on cash too as you wouldn’t have to purchase another stand for the event.

Money saving

Reusable modular displays are also kind to your pocket – they require less maintenance and can be used time and again, reconfigured and repurposed year after year.  This will help you get a high ROI from your events. A simple exercise is to take the cost of your exhibition stand and then divide that figure by the number of events you are attending. You’ll soon see the saving!

Creating a display that truly stands out is no easy task. However, if you are looking for brand presence, consistency of message and optimum space utilization without the price tag, a reusable modular exhibition stand could be the right solution for you.   If you are looking to work with an experienced team of stand designers and builders who can offer their knowledge and experience to your project, contact us today.  Discuss your event plans with us and discover what stand solution is right for you.