When it comes to exhibiting at an event or exhibition, there is plenty for you to be focussing on. The last thing you want to be thinking about is whether the exhibition display stands you are using are up to the job. Using an exhibition stand contractor can put those concerns to the back of your mind and allow you to maximise the skills of your team and yourself. Think of it as a two-prong attack for success. If you are doing what you do best and the stand contractor is doing what they do best, you are more likely to make a success of attending the event. It’s better to put 100% of your focus into what you do well rather than split the focus between one thing you excel at and one you aren’t too confident in!

In this edition of our blog, we look at the numerous benefits an exhibition stand contractor brings that significantly enhance your experience and success at trade shows and exhibitions.

10 benefits of hiring an exhibition stand contractor

We’ve picked ten benefits that hiring an exhibition stand contractor can bring should you take on their services for your next event or exhibition.

1. Expert design and build

Professional design: Contractors have the expertise to create visually appealing and functional stand designs that attract attention and effectively showcase your brand and products. Companies like Starlight, for example, offer a free exhibition stand design service where you can benefit from the expert eye of an experienced designer for no additional cost!

High-quality construction: They use quality display products and construction techniques, ensuring the stand is durable, safe, and meets all structural requirements. This can be particularly useful if the event is perhaps promoting sustainability or is held outside. The contractor will be able to create exhibition stands for outdoor events or look into making sustainable exhibition stands. This way you are not only using a stand suited to the particular event but you are also enhancing the message of the event itself.

2. Customisation

Tailored solutions: Contractors can customise the stand to meet your specific needs, including size, layout, branding, and interactive elements. You may want screens, LED displays, a podium to present from or area for demos to take place. A contractor can factor all this into their role so you don’t have to!

Unique features: Custom stands can include bespoke features such as product displays, digital screens, lighting effects, and other interactive elements to engage visitors. Gamification is extremely popular at the moment and could make a huge difference in how much you stand out at the event!

3. Time and cost efficiency

Saves time: Contractors handle all aspects of the stand design, construction, and installation, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on other important tasks. The team at Starlight for example will not only install an exhibition stand, they will take it down too, allowing you to put your time into the event and your team.

Cost-effective: They can manage the budget more effectively, avoiding unnecessary expenses and ensuring the best value for your investment. With years of event experience, the stand builders and contractors can find savings you may not have been aware of.

4. Project management

End-to-end service: Many exhibition stand contractors offer comprehensive services, including design, construction, logistics, installation, and dismantling of your event displays. This helps to provide a seamless experience that may have otherwise stuttered to a halt if you hadn’t planned it efficiently.  At Starlight Exhibitions our range and quality of services are unique, we can tailor our services to your needs and budgets. With an exhibition project manager from our team on hand, there isn’t a part of the event you have to worry about, other than your presentation!

On-site support: Contractors often provide on-site support during the event to address any issues or adjustments, ensuring everything runs smoothly. This could mean sourcing replacement items, fixing power issues or simply helping with getting you in and out of the venue.

5. Logistical handling

Transport and setup: An event stand contractor can also manage the transportation and setup of the stand for you, ensuring it is installed correctly and on time. Allowing you to spend those crucial minutes prepping for the day ahead rather than wondering if your team will arrive with the display stand.

Storage solutions: Exhibition stand contractors can provide storage solutions for your stand materials. This will ensure they are safe and ready for future use. Saving you on the costs of having to buy or hire new stands for your next events.  We offer secure exhibition stand storage to all our clients.

6. Compliance and safety

Regulatory compliance: Contractors ensure that the stand complies with all relevant safety and regulatory standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance issues. You may also have to complete an exhibition risk assessment, your stand contractor could help with this.

Safety assurance: Professional contractors prioritize safety, ensuring that the stand is structurally sound and safe for both staff and visitors. With added peace of mind, you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your exhibition stand as it will have been tested by qualified professionals before it is used.

7. Enhanced brand presence

Consistent branding: Contractors ensure that your brand is consistently represented across all stand elements, enhancing brand recognition and impact.

Innovative branding: They can incorporate innovative branding techniques and materials to create a memorable and impactful presence.

8. Flexibility and scalability

Modular designs: Many exhibition stand contractors offer modular stand designs that can be adapted and reconfigured for different events and spaces. Ask us for more details on how you can reconfigure and rebrand for future events with Starlight.

Scalable solutions: Your exhibition stand contractor can provide solutions that grow with your business, offering scalable options for different sizes and types of exhibitions. Saving you money by only using one truly versatile stand and adding to your green credentials by creating less waste.

9. Increased engagement

Interactive elements: Contractors can integrate interactive elements such as touch screens, VR experiences, and live demonstrations to engage visitors.  See how your stand can benefit from interactive media.

Visitor experience: A well-designed stand enhances the visitor experience, encouraging them to spend more time and engage more deeply with your brand.

10. Stress reduction

Professional handling: Delegating the stand design and construction to professionals reduces stress and workload on your team, allowing them to focus on engaging with visitors and achieving event objectives.

By leveraging the expertise and services of an exhibition stand contractor, you can ensure a high-quality, impactful, and stress-free exhibition experience, maximizing your return on investment and achieving your event goals effectively.  Contact us today so we can share all our knowledge and advice with you!