Choosing the right exhibition furniture is essential to creating an inviting and professional exhibition stand to effectively meet and greet your visitors. The visuals of your display may be one thing that lures them in, but the comfy seats, the large table space, and the relaxed but professional atmosphere at your stand could well be another!

But if you are already thinking that space may be too limited to fit in these additions, do not worry! You may be surprised to know that if you only have a small exhibition space there are some clever and effective designs to enable you to include furniture and create a big impact!

In this edition of our blog, we pick out some of our top tips for when it comes to selecting exhibition furniture:

How do you choose the right furniture for your exhibition?

You will need to factor in a few things when it comes to furnishing your exhibition display stand. Too much, and you may compromise accessibility, too little and you might stop people from wanting to visit. Below are the top tips on how to choose the right furniture for your exhibition.

Consider the size and layout of your exhibition space

Before sourcing any furniture, make sure that when you brief your exhibition stand designer you tell them if you need any specific furniture for the event. This way they can factor in the relevant space for its addition.

Think if you need a meeting area, a reception counter, a lectern or even just some literature displays. Your designer can then plan how the furniture will fit within the designated area and provide you with something that is not only visually appealing but easy to navigate for both your team and the attendees.

It would also be of benefit to find out as much information as possible from the event organisers with regards to the space you have. You may have designed a stand to accommodate these items but will you encroach on other exhibitors if you were to add too much furniture?

Align your furniture selection with your brand image and the overall theme of the exhibition

The furniture should reflect your brand’s style, values, and target audience. Choose colours, materials, and designs that complement your branding and stand design.

Determine the intended purpose of the furniture

Will it be used for product displays, meeting areas, or interactive demonstrations? Select furniture pieces that fulfil the functional requirements of your stand rather than wasting space with furniture that won’t be used.

Base the need for the furniture on your objectives for being at the exhibition. If you want people to stop, chat, view a demo and maybe sign up, you’ll want more furniture than if you are simply handing out leaflets or similar.

If it turns out you will need a lot of furniture, ask your exhibition designer for space-saving ideas. A clever implementation of those could mean you may be able to display products on or within the exhibition stand walls and give yourself more room.  If you need a meeting area, think of how many chairs you need or will bar-style seating work to save space?

How much time will people spend on your stand?

If you expect visitors to spend time at your stand, you may require more comfortable seating options. This can include chairs, sofas, or stools. Comfortable furniture encourages engagement and extended conversations with potential customers, so decide whether this fits with your objectives of the show. If you want traffic to pass through quickly seating may not be the best option for you.  Don’t just have seating on the stand for the sale of it as your stand staff will be tempted to use it!

Select durable and portable furniture

Consider the transportation of furniture to the show – ask your exhibition stand supplier to help you with the best transportation options and suppliers to ensure you keep the costs down.

Exhibition furniture should be durable enough to withstand frequent transportation, setup, and dismantling especially if you are planning on using it more than once.  Hire options are often worth considering as this can help you avoid storage between events.  Choose furniture made from sturdy materials that can endure the rigours of exhibition environments. Additionally, consider the ease of assembly, disassembly, and transportation. Lightweight and portable furniture can save time and effort during setup and teardown. It may also be worth considering reconfigurable display stands as they can be used to fit the exact stand space you have, therefore giving you more room in your transport vehicles for the furniture.

Use furniture as a branding opportunity!

Utilize your furniture as a branding tool by incorporating your logo, company name, or tagline. Customising furniture with your brand elements can enhance brand visibility and recognition.

Select furniture that offers versatility

If you decide to purchase furniture for your displays, choose versatile pieces to allow you to rearrange the furniture to suit different stand layouts or adapt to varying exhibition spaces in the future.

Consider your budget constraints when choosing exhibition furniture

Look for options that strike a balance between quality, functionality, and affordability and decide whether purchase or rental is the best option for you.

The benefits of what furniture you use at an exhibition

Different furniture at your event will merit varying benefits. Below we have highlighted the various types you could consider and why they may be worth using.


Adding a counter gives you a great opportunity to log visitor details, engage with customers and bring a bit more of a personal touch to the experience with a greeting upon arrival. It also becomes a great place to get your event lead capture secured. Add some internal storage to the counter and you also have a place for the team to store their items, giving you a much more presentable looking area!

Tables and chairs

It may sound obvious to add tables and chairs but not all exhibition stands will need them. As we mentioned earlier, look at your objectives and what you expect from visitors. This will determine whether you need to add such furniture to it.

But don’t forget, exhibitions can be long, drawn-out affairs and some customers will be thankful for the opportunity to take the weight off their feet. Why not let them get comfortable at your display and then wow them with your products and information!


Adding portable plinths gives you a great way to promote products but does not take up much space. Stable, available in a host of sizes and full of impact, they help showcase your items to more people through the line of sight they give.

Entertainment stands

Captivating a crowd is always one objective of any exhibition attendee. Why not look at the potential for furniture that can display a TV? This way you can continue demoing products via the screen whilst you engage with visitors in person.


A lectern is always a great addition should your exhibition allow you to present to visitors. Not only does it act as a fantastic focal point but it offers great storage too!

Ask our Exhibition Project Management team for advice on your exhibition furniture or our stand designers if you want clever ways to incorporate furniture into your display. With years of experience in exhibitions both here in the UK and internationally, speak to our team and find out how we can provide you with the perfect customised display stand!