Just because you have a small exhibition space it doesn’t mean you can’t make it inviting to visitors. A lot of the success of your exhibition is down to how your stand looks and what you do on your stand – size doesn’t matter!

Bold Branding

Start with using bold branding and graphic imagery to grab visitor’s attention. Creating an eye-catching display stand will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Make sure you get noticed and talked about – consider opting for a controversial or fun theme so you are memorable. Creating a great first impression will make visitors want to know more about you. Get the balance right and communicate who you are and what you do but don’t give too much away so you are still intriguing to passers-by.

Stand Layout

Really use the space you do have well. Make sure you employ someone with experience for your exhibition stand design who has knowledge and expertise on how to make the most of your space and design imaginative small exhibition stands. You need the stand to be functional but also welcoming to get visitors to step onto your stand. Showcase your products and services clearly and use lighting to create the right mood for your theme.

Lumen with Arch 3x3

Stand Entertainment

Even in a small space, it is possible to create entertainment. Think about a game, special guest, product sampling or exciting demo. Events draw attention and help you engage with the visitors as the pass by your stand. It creates purpose and a buzzy atmosphere around your stand and creates intrigue for the visitor to want to know more.

Exhibition Giveaways or Competitions

Competitions and giveaways are very popular at exhibitions so while they are a great way or gaining more visitors to you stand consider the pros and cons of the quality of the lead you receive this way. Be unique – there are many similar giveaways or prize draws on the exhibition floor so try to be different with your approach. Think about your audience and what may be valuable to them rather than being too generic. If you have a giveaway that is relevant to your brand, then even better! Read our blog post on giveaways.

Exhibition Technology

Advancements in technology make it easier to create an immersive display to really capture the attention of the passer-by. Technology doesn’t require a big space so it can work really well on a small stand space. The range of technology available can be a great way to engage, consider using AR, interactive screens or games to showcase your products and services in an experiential way.

Whatever your stand space size let us help you maximise your space and create an inviting display for your visitors. Contact us today!