Choosing a supplier to design your exhibition stand is never an easy decision! Once you have picked your exhibition and signed up for your stand space, the next and most important step is to stand out from the crowd! Deciding which stand designer will really work hard for your brand is not easy! In a perfect world the organisation you pick won’t work for you, but with you and help guide you through the whole process all the way.  At this stage, it is really important to decide if you just want a company that will supply you with a stand or a company that will help you with all your exhibition services.

Display Stand Designer

The principal thing you need to do before actually searching for a display stand designer is to outline what you expect, need and want from them.  There will also be things they need from you so refer to our blog post What Your Exhibition Designer needs from you!

This will help you put together a briefing document that you can provide to your chosen companies.  Make sure you give as much detail as possible including budget guidelines to ensure you receive back plausible designs.  Remember not all suppliers will offer the same service and warranties, so make sure you check this out early on in your search.  It’s also worth thinking about whether you want your stand design to offer flexibility and scalability for future exhibitions and events, mentioning this early on could save you money in the future.

Have they done their job?

So you are now at the stage where you will be receiving something back, but how do you choose?  Did the exhibition company ask you any questions in order to really understand your requirements?  Did they address all of the items you entered in your brief? Did they come up with any ideas that you hadn’t thought of? Could you understand the way the information was presented?  If your answer is yes, then they are worth putting into your shortlist.

The last step

Making your final decision from here should be easier, this is the time to get more detailed information or clarification on any of your concerns.  Feeling comfortable to ask questions and feel you are getting the right answers is so important.  Think about the services they offer and how they will help you have a stress-free show.  Do they offer storage ads you may not have enough space in your offices to store the display? Think about future exhibitions and how they may be able to help you reconfigure your display keeping future costs down.