If you work in care or supply those that do, attending Care Show Birmingham could be your perfect opportunity to gain the additional exposure you feel your business needs.

A multi-award-winning social care event, it allows for a host of professionals to get together and display not only their innovation but also their best practices and visions for the future. Exhibiting at The Care Show in Birmingham is a great opportunity to connect with professionals in the care industry, including care home owners, healthcare workers, and other vendors. With each vendor and attendee looking at improving the care sector in the UK, this shared vision can help build strong relationships that stand to benefit those in care and those who work in it.

When is Care Show Birmingham?

This year, Care Show Birmingham 2024 is taking place at the NEC in Birmingham on the 9th and 10th of October. Each day starts at 10am with the Wednesday concluding at 5pm and the Thursday finishing up at 4pm.

Who is the Care Show Birmingham for?

Practically anyone connected to care! Visitors can attend for free if they make up any part of the care sector. Should you wish to attend as a commercial delegate though, there is a charge of £499 for the two days. Free places are available but not limited to people in the following areas:

Residential care: Directors, owners, management team and senior nurses.

Home care: Owners, directors, senior carers, managers and team leaders.

Healthcare: Ward managers and directors.

How can I become an exhibitor at Care Show Birmingham?

You can register to become an exhibitor at Care Show Birmingham and have yourself at the forefront of attendee’s minds with your dedicated space highlighting exactly why you are a valuable asset to the care industry. Care Show Birmingham offers a space-only option where you can add your own exhibition display stands, to your designated space, or a shell scheme package where you are supplied with an area pre-made with a stand. This is often seen as good for first-time exhibitors although it is more likely to lack the personal touch that your own in-house POS and materials may deliver.

Who else exhibits at Care Show Birmingham?

The attendee and exhibitors list for Care Show Birmingham reads like an A-Z of the great and good from the care sector. From the Alzheimer’s Society to viClarity, and from Boots Care Services to The Affinity Care Group, you’ll find yourself in decent company if you choose to exhibit at Care Show Birmingham.

Tips for exhibiting at Care Show Birmingham

Following our guide below will help you enhance your presence at Care Show Birmingham this year and in future years should you attend again.

1. Planning and strategy

Understand the event: Research past events to get a sense of the layout, typical attendees, and the range of exhibitors. Knowing the event’s themes and focus areas can help tailor your offerings.

Set clear aims: Define what you aim to achieve – whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation, or establishing partnerships. This will guide your activities and interactions.

2. Stand design and setup

Stand location: Book your space early to secure a prime location. Corner booths for exhibitions are a great choice as you capture lots of footfall, as are the spaces near entrances/exits.

Design: Your display should be visually appealing and welcoming. Use clear signage and consider how your brand is presented. Ensure your stand is accessible and navigable, especially if you expect visits from professionals who might assess care environments for accessibility.

Free stand design: If you are looking to make your event a success, speak to the team at Starlight Exhibitions. We are experts in helping you create the perfect event for you and your team. From providing you with your own exhibition stand designer to storing exhibition display stands, our services can cover all parts of your journey to exhibition success. With our fully reconfigurable stands meaning you can exhibit in any venue no matter the space, choose Starlight for your best opportunity to make a success of your event. Contact us today to find out how simple we can make it!

Interactive elements: Starlight can also include interactive elements like demos or digital presentations in the stand design to engage visitors. Let us help you consider how you might use technology, such as VR or touchscreens, to highlight your products or services in action.

3. Marketing and promotional materials

Pre-Show marketing: Use emails, social media, and your website to announce your presence at The Care Show. You might want to offer incentives for visitors to stop by your stand, like a raffle or exclusive show discounts.

POS and other marketing materials: Have plenty of brochures, flyers, business cards, and product samples on hand. Ensure your promotional materials are up-to-date and professionally designed.

4. Staff preparation

Select the right team: Choose staff who are not only knowledgeable about your products but also personable and skilled in sales and customer interaction.

Training: Brief your team thoroughly on event goals, the specifics of what you’re exhibiting, and any promotional offers. Ensure they know how to engage visitors, capture leads, and represent your brand effectively. Read our blog on how many staff you need at an exhibition for guidance.

5. Engagement and networking

Lead capture: Prepare a quick and efficient system to gather visitor information. Digital tools for lead capturing, such as tablets or smartphones with relevant apps, can streamline this process.

Networking opportunities: Take advantage of networking events tied to the show. Prepare your elevator pitch and be ready to connect with other exhibitors and professionals. If you get the opportunity to present, follow our advice on how to present at a business networking event.

6. Logistics

Travel and accommodation: Plan these well in advance, especially as hotels can fill up quickly around major events.

Shipping and setup: Coordinate the logistics of shipping your booth materials and any large or heavy products. Confirm the setup and breakdown times and procedures with event organizers.

7. Follow-up post event

Immediate follow-up: Send a thank-you email to leads within 24-48 hours. Personalize messages when possible, referencing specific conversations or interests expressed at the show.

Lead management: Organize and prioritize the leads based on their potential. Plan a follow-up strategy that includes calls, further emails, or meetings.

8. Evaluate and Reflect

Review objectives: Post-show, evaluate your performance against the objectives you set. What worked well? What could be improved?

Gather feedback: If possible, get feedback from booth visitors and staff. This can provide insights for future events.

Exhibiting at The Care Show in Birmingham can significantly boost your visibility and credibility in the care sector. With careful planning, engaging presentation, and effective follow-up, you can maximize your investment in the show and foster meaningful connections that could drive your business forward.