Pop up exhibition stands are a very popular choice for anyone who wants to be able to set up their stand themselves or needs a quick set up, they are also durable and easy to transport.

Pop up display stands are a great way to promote your brand on the go with maximum graphic impact.  Whether you are exhibiting, launching a new product, or needing a good backdrop for presentations, a pop-up display is an effective solution.

Nomadic invented the pop up display stand in 1975 and we are known for our self-locking system is quick and easy to set up by just one person and can be used for a lifetime and is backed by our unique No Questions Asked warranty.  The Nomadic pop up is unique in quality and it can integrate and join together with any products in the Nomadic range to grow with your changing needs.

With a wide variety of stands on the market, it’s really worth spending time comparing systems if you want a display with longevity, check the warranties that companies offer and also check the quality of the system to ensure you have seamless graphics.

Pop up promotional display stands are easy to set up.  At Nomadic we offer training even though it’s very easy and all our systems are supported by instructional videos that can be used to train other staff.

How to Assemble a Pop Up Display

  1. Expand the concertina frame and self-locking display systems will lock in place. If it is a Nomadic frame the red feet should be at the bottom.
  2. Attach and clip the magnetic bars to the frame – Nomadic systems have the magnetic bars bungeed together so you have fewer parts – you need to put the bars on the front and two on the back ends for the end panel graphics to attach.
  3. If you are attaching lights – lift off the top section of the bar and slide the light on before reattaching and clipping the top bar.
  4. Unroll the graphics and attach to the frame in the right order – It’s really important to attach the graphics properly aligning the text as you go. The graphics hook onto the nodules at the top of the bars for easy alignment.

Nobody knows a pop up like Nomadic Display!

If you need any advice on pop up displays, please contact us!