Making your exhibition programme more sustainable is a vital goal for many businesses. In fact, many now use their sustainable credentials as a way to showcase the efforts they have put in as well as make themselves more appealing to potential customers.

Exhibitions by nature are temporary, and as a result, often build up a lot of throwaway materials but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be sustainable.  Whether you are an organiser, exhibitor, or visitor these suggestions may help you make an impact at your next event that doesn’t just benefit your customers and your team but the planet too.


Choose a Sustainable Venue

Look for venues that promote sustainability, such as those with LEED certification or eco-friendly features. Ensure the venue has proper waste management systems, energy-efficient lighting, and uses renewable energy sources if possible.  Contact the proposed venues in advance to find out a little more about their green credentials and how you can ensure everyone benefits from them.


Sustainable Display Materials

Encourage exhibitors to create sustainable exhibition displays for their event space.  At Nomadic we promote re-usability and design exhibition stands with longevity in mind.  All our display systems are modular, durable, and easy to transport. Meaning less waste, a smaller carbon footprint and a long-lasting product that can be used for plenty of events to come.


Ask us about our exhibition stand designers and see how we can cultivate the perfect eco friendly exhibition stands for you or any other exhibitors attending your venue. We can design your stand for free too so not only do you help save the environment but you save money too!


Reduce Energy Consumption:

Use energy-efficient lighting, such as LED bulbs, throughout the exhibition space for a fantastic cost-saving and a vibrant and well-lit display. They may be small in stature but the savings on energy and the impact they create actually means you get a big effect.


If you have opted for any backlit displays or lightboxes use energy-efficient lighting for these too as not only will the stands, signage and displays stand out but they will look brighter and more appealing than those using more typical lighting types.

Optimise natural lighting by utilising windows and skylights effectively too. You can also encourage exhibitors to use energy-efficient equipment and appliances in your information packs and literature you send out prior to the event. Encouraging the use early on will gradually filter through and become something many people will, as a result, do by default.

Minimize Waste Generation

Implement a comprehensive waste management system, including recycling, composting, and waste reduction strategies. Clearly label recycling bins and provide separate containers for different waste streams. Encourage exhibitors to use reusable or recyclable materials and minimize packaging waste.


Promote Digital Communication

Embrace digital technologies to reduce the need for printed materials and physical communication. Use digital invitations, online registration systems, and electronic signage instead of paper-based alternatives. Provide information and updates through websites, social media, and email. Think about QR codes or an app to encourage interaction that helps you and your venue but also saves from having to hand out additional information.


Encourage Sustainable Transportation

Promote public transportation, carpooling, and cycling to the exhibition venue. Provide clear information about public transportation options and facilitate bike parking facilities. Offer incentives, such as discounted tickets or priority parking, for attendees who choose sustainable transportation methods.


Offset Carbon Emissions

Calculate the carbon footprint of your exhibition and consider offsetting it by investing in certified carbon offset projects. These projects aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable development.


Sustainable Catering

Choose catering options that focus on sustainability, such as locally sourced and organic food, vegetarian or vegan choices, and reusable or compostable serving ware. Minimise food waste by accurately estimating attendee numbers and donating excess food to local organisations.


Education and Awareness

Raise awareness about sustainability among attendees, exhibitors, and staff. Provide educational materials, signage, and interactive displays that highlight sustainable practices. Organise sustainability-themed workshops, talks, or panel discussions to inspire and engage participants.


Remember, sustainability is an ongoing process, and continuous improvement is essential. By implementing these measures and continuously seeking new sustainable solutions, you can make your exhibition programme more environmentally friendly and inspire others to do the same. Should you be looking to help enhance the sustainability of the venue or any events you are hosting, speak to the team at Nomadic. Our commitment to sustainability means that we will always work to find you the most eco-friendly solution to your exhibition needs. And should you choose sustainable stands, we can even look after them for you. Our exhibition stand storage means that should you not have room at your office, warehouse or other types of workplace, we can keep it safe and secure ready for when you next need to use it.