Drawing in the crowds at an exhibition or event is always high on a marketer’s agenda, after all the key to success is to make long-lasting connections at any face-to-face event.

There are many ways of standing out at an exhibition and lighting is one of them, you may have an innovative product but you still need to think about how you can showcase it so it enhances your brand.

FTE Jerez backlit display stand with arch

Stand Lighting

Exhibition lighting creates a great, eye-catching opportunity to increase attention, elevate your display and create more footfall to your stand.

LED technology has transformed lighting at exhibitions over recent years due to its extensive energy savings, reduction in heat and durability.  LED is an efficient and environmentally responsible way to light your display and improve your bottom line!

Exhibition Lighting Design

Creating the perfect display design is an art…in such a small space you have to tell your story and shout out about your brand.  You need it to be enticing amongst other displays and often your competitors.  Incorporating lighting into your design can elevate your display and make you stand out, creating an inviting glow to your brand.  Use the light to draw the visitor’s attention to the important features of your stand.

Backlit Stands

LED Lightboxes have become a popular feature on the show floor.  Lightboxes come in many sizes and can be used as freestanding displays or incorporated within your stand design to highlight specific products or features. Nomadic’s backlit displays also integrate with all our existing systems or we can design a fully connected lightbox display that is unique and dynamic.

Integrating a fabric LED lightbox into your display requires expertise.  At Nomadic, we offer fully modular display products that all fully integrate with each other to create a seamless finish.  Check with your supplier about how to integrate your display as not all systems can provide full integration.

Nomadic Display Services

Promoting your brand and products is central to any marketing role. However, finding time to focus on exhibition stand design is time-consuming and a skill.  Take the stress of thinking about the functionality and design of your display and use our talented team of designers to come up with ideas for you.  They can draw through experience and historical success to create stunning eye-catching displays to meet your budget and needs.  At Nomadic, we have a free no obligation design service.

Customer Service is central to what we do, helping you through your exhibiting journey from start to finish and even after your event.  Contact Us today!