From the offset GE realised that Nomadic have had a lot of experience with exhibition delivery… so why go anywhere else – the knowledge was apparent with Nomadic.

When using delivery companies such as TNT and DHL – The main challenge with delivering equipment into exhibition venues is always the get-in times… sometimes it is more efficient to deliver to a Hotel or local office before the show… simple but good advice.

Nomadic produced a comprehensive package which included an indexed storage system for small items such as a banners and Medical apparatus – a multipurpose customisable modular display stand system to deal with mid-sized exhibits   – a booking portal for staff to make specific delivery requests – a confirmation process that could advise the best route for delivery – print and design back up for more demanding exhibits and reconfigured layouts using the modular booth kits.

Objective – Decrease delivery errors by providing a responsible personal service.

Within 2 years – Nomadic have helped increased the number of events GE go to by 50% and continue to support and train staff to communicate the best route for delivering to events in all major European destinations.

GE Healthcare – going the extra mile…