Suez Exhibition Stand

Being an eco-friendly exhibitor has positive effects on the environment.  Traditionally exhibiting has been very wasteful, building large displays and disposing of them just after a few days.  Fortunately, going green when exhibiting can be easy with many eco-friendly display options available, which could save you money and time in the long run!  So here is a bit of eco-friendly event planning advice.

Plan your stand design with the future in mind

Planning ahead is a great way to save money when you’re exhibiting.  Working with a supplier who offers modular display systems is the way forward for eco-friendly and cost-efficient exhibiting.  Think about how many shows you are planning over the next year or even years, then speak to your stand designer and brief them on all your events, so they can come up with a reconfigurable design that can be used at all your events.  Many stand suppliers offer a free design service so take advantage of their expertise.  They will design a display with modular components that can be moved around and will fit together in several ways to fit each of your stand spaces.  This will save you from redesigning your stand each event.  Investing in a modular display will reduce waste and by nature, they are compact, so are easy and cheaper to transport, saving on shipping costs.

Consider renting your stand

If you only have one event or have multiple events at the same time it may be worth considering exhibition stand hire.  Rental is a cost-effective solution and can be reused time and time again as you can rebrand and change graphics easily to reflect your company’s branding.

Use energy-efficient lighting

Most suppliers now offer LED lighting options. Consider replacing your existing lighting equipment with an LED option if you currently use halogen, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.  LED lights use much less power and are much more efficient than traditional lighting.  The development of Led lighting has provided many more opportunities for making your display stand out with backlit lightbox displays becoming very popular on the show floor.

Show Services
The services required for your exhibition take a considerable amount of time to manage – work with your stand supplier to get the best advice on how to be eco-friendly.  They will be able to offer advice on furniture hire, recycling and flooring options, such as recycled carpet or flooring made from natural materials which can be recycled.

Ask suppliers for local stand builders to reduce carbon emissions and costs from transportation.

Eco-friendly Marketing

Go paperless!  Traditionally there was so much paper flying around at events but with technology, we don’t need to prepare literature to hand out.  Embrace the digital world and take advantage of all the interactive ways you can engage with visitors before, during and after the event.  Use QR codes and get a data scanner so you can keep in touch with your visitors, send them information and follow up with them.  If you do need to print anything, make sure to use recycled paper.

Giveaways can be another wasteful part of exhibiting; branded plastic products need to be considered carefully.  Try and think of an eco-friendly gift or consider giving a higher quality gift that will be kept for longer, just to your most important visitors.

At Nomadic we are committed to helping you sure you the eco-friendliest and most cost-effective stand option possible, so contact us and we can tailor our products to your requirements.