Type of Display Stand

Backlit lightbox display


  • Stand installation and breakdown
  • Display graphics
  • Exhibition Stand Storage

Who is Portakabin?

Portakabin is a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of modular buildings, and a pioneer of advanced offsite construction.

They deliver building solutions for organisations of any size, in sectors ranging from manufacturing, education and health to transport, utilities and construction. Portakabin remains in the ownership of the York-based Shepherd family and now employs more than 1,750 people across ten European countries.


The Challenge

To create a high-quality display that could be re-used and rebranded with graphics to suit different business sectors to tie in with the relevant industry events.


Display Stand Requirements

Nomadic Display and Portakabin started working together on their exhibitions in 2015 initially on a one-off event.

Portakabin then wanted to look at using Nomadic Display for their business sector events of which there were about 1-15 per year including areas such as education, health and transport. Portakabin wanted a cost-effective solution that gave them the flexibility to change messaging.

They wanted to be able to hire modular elements if they needed to increase the size of the display for any events or if they had a clash of dates they could hire a replica of their stand and use existing graphic branding and messaging.

Due to the nature of their business and their events they wanted to work with a company that could manage their events, offer stand installation, breakdown and storage to ensure consistency at every event.


“We’ve used plenty of stand contractors in the past however Nomadic are by far the best when it comes to overall stand quality and service. It’s been over 6 years since we started using their stand designs –  we look forward to many more”.

Christian Sims, Senior Marketing Executive  – Portakabin Limited

Our Solution

The first exhibition display we worked on with Portakabin was a flat pop up display and display graphics that they initially hired.  Many first-time exhibitors like to try before they buy or test the marketplace and at Nomadic, we offer exhibition stand hire for this reason and also for clients who have one-off or clashing events.  If you decide to try before you buy and then go on to invest in a display we will deduct the hire cost against your purchase.

In 2016, after a successful event, Portakabin invested in their own flat pop-up display and modular Evolve counters.  For stress-free exhibiting they also used our show services department for all of the installations, breakdowns and storage.  Our secure storage facility offers a safe place to store your display equipment, with easy access at all times.  When it returns from an exhibition, our team will inspect the items to ensure that your display is all ready for your next event.

As Portakabin have a busy exhibiting schedule with multiple events the display systems they chose to give them the flexibility to change the graphics for different business sectors without having to invest in a new display framework each time.

In 2018 we refreshed their display by introducing the BrightWall lightbox which integrated with their existing flat pop frames.  The BrightWall backlit system added another dimension and bought ambience and drew attention to their display, helping them stand out from the crowd with high-quality graphics that gave them added impact.  BrightWall lightboxes also gave them the flexibility to change the message for various events.

Portakabin now uses Brightwall in 3m x 3m corner booths, at about 12 UK shows per year, and continues to use Nomadic Show Services to set up, break down and store their stands.