The reality of shell schemes at trade shows is that they appear row upon row and look dreadfully boring!  However it doesn’t have to be like this!

Why? Because there are many solutions that you can choose from to stand out from the crowd.  Remember the three second rule…in just three second a visitor should know who are, what you do and what you can do for them – so high impact is what you are looking for.  With a little imagination and planning it’s really quite easy!

Whilst Shell-Clad is a commonly used method of creating a continuous graphics around the walls of the shell scheme and is an increasingly popular way to add impact to a shell scheme, it really only bridging the gap between standard shell schemes and portable and modular stands.

Shell clad can also be an expensive option especially if you do a number of shows or events during the year.  There are also drawback’s such as the hardware sizing can be different depending on who has supplied the shell scheme so it means that your graphics may not fit other shell schemes at other exhibitions so limits the used to just one event.

If you do more than one exhibition or event per year it’s really worth considering a portable and modular display system option.  The beauty of a modular system is that they can be reused and reconfigured not only at your exhibitions but any other events you may do.

Making an investment in to a modular system gives you the option to add and take away elements of the display or change the design layout with the added benefit of accessories, including monitors, iPad holders, shelves and lighting.  They offer a high quality, premium look and provide more functionality to create an interactive environment for you to engage with your visitors.

Not only do you save money due to the reusability of the display but in most cases you will save on transportation and labour.  Portable display systems are really easy to set up and breakdown yourself in a very short amount of time and due to the lightweight nature you can often transport these yourself.

Many suppliers of portable displays also offer a hire service so why not try before you buy!