Exhibitions stands range in size and function and all of them have their benefits according to the situation.

Exhibition Floor Space

On most trade show floor plans you will get a mix of different size stands and different packages from 2×2 shell schemes to large island space-only areas.  With floor space taking up a large amount of the budget it’s really important to understand the costs of exhibiting and how the percentage split works.  One of the common exhibiting mistakes is to spend too much money on stand space and then not be able to fill it with a high-quality, impressive display.

Reconfigurable Exhibition Stands

The More Expensive Stand Options

While large double-deck exhibits and mezzanine exhibition stands look impressive and really stand out at an exhibition, they can be very expensive.  However, it will certainly give you more visibility on the show floor and more space for meeting areas, product displays and demonstrations.

Despite these benefits do check your supplier is experienced in building double deck displays and that they understand the venue’s health and safety regulations to ensure you avoid any stress at the show.  Double-decker stands aren’t for everyone!  If space is limited at the exhibition venue or budget or time doesn’t allow it, look at other options to stand out.  Look at hanging signs and rigged banners to extend visibility across the exhibition hall, consider new technology on your stand, video walls or an interactive element.  When it comes to meeting areas these can still be achieved very effectively in single story displays.

Reusable Stands

Modular exhibition stands that can be re-used time and time again have become increasingly popular.  It’s unsurprising as in a world where sustainability is important, to be able to reuse your display and repurpose the modular elements to create different-sized displays without having to reinvest and discard displays for every exhibition is much more eco-friendly.

Unique Stand Configurations

Sustainability aside, the benefit of modular displays are endless!  We often liken our modular displays to Lego… you can build and grow your stand, then reduce it in size again, add and take parts away and put them somewhere different to create a different looking stand each time.  So, one of the greatest benefits of investing in a modular display is the ability to be able to reconfigure it for different uses and spaces. Find out more about reconfigurable stands.

Quick to Build

Another benefit is the build cost and time – with often tight deadlines at exhibition venues, modular displays are quick and easy to build.  Look for suppliers that offer a tool-free display for easy set up if you want to self-build or if you want it set up for you, find out more about their show services team.

Cost Effectiveness

It probably goes without saying that modular stands due to their ability to be re-used are also a very cost-effective solution for long-term and busy event schedules.

Stand Storage and Transportation

Modular displays also win hands down when it comes to storage and transportation.  Modular stands break down and compact easily into storage cases that can often be wheeled and stored easily.  You may want to ask your provider about their stand storage facility if your offices are not large enough to house your equipment.

So both custom-built displays and modular display have their own set of benefits and you need to decide what is right for you – think about whether it is a one-off display you need or if you need to use it multiple times.  Think about the storage of the display after the event.  Do you need to be able to transport it easily or overseas?  Contact us to understand how you can achieve impact or add bespoke elements to a modular display if a custom-built display is not suitable for your requirements.

It’s really important to carefully map out your schedule and budgets and look at the longer term if you want to gain maximum ROI when you’re exhibiting.