The complexity of Project managing your exhibition shouldn’t be underestimated! Often exhibitions are ad hoc elements of your marketing activities and can put a lot of added extra pressure on the workload of you and your team.  The time needed to project manage an exhibition can sometimes take you away from other important objectives not just around the event itself but also from your daily marketing schedule.

Employing an Exhibition Project Manager rather than taking on the role yourself is something worth considering to make sure you can give the best possible service to those intrigued customers and a hardworking team.

Furthermore, it is also worth thinking about when choosing the supplier of your exhibition stand.  Why? You may ask…. well in the fast-paced world of events, the same people that help curate your stunning display stands offer an Exhibition Stand Project Manager as part of the service too.

This not only ensures your stand is ready but also helps pull together all the other elements surrounding the event or exhibition that may have either passed you by or you were not fully aware of.

Before going any further though, it may help if we defined the role of a project manager.

What is a project manager?

This could be a broad term in many senses as for some industries the depth of what a project manager needs to get involved with could vary significantly. In its simplest form, a project manager is somebody responsible for the planning, procurement, execution, and completion of a project.

They will see the project through from step A to step Z and are ultimately judged on the success or failure of the project they have been assigned. They will have a team that they have been given to work with, who they will then assign specific roles relevant to the project. In some cases, they may bring their team to facilitate the completion of the project.

In events though, things can be a little different. You have your own sales team for example and may not want a project manager interfering with your proven sales skills. That being said, an events project manager can help unlock more of your potential by allowing you to free up time that you can use to help deliver the sales, assist your team and do what you do best.

Why use an event project manager?

Exhibition display companies like Nomadic Display have a wealth of knowledge regarding venues and the rules and regulations they may have to adhere to. An understanding of fire safety protocols, exit procedures and general information may all be provided by an event project manager and help you avoid slipping up when something may require immediate action.

In addition, as the event project manager is from the same company that helped create your bespoke modular exhibition stand they will take care of the exhibition stand risk assessment and relieve you of another task that may keep you away from you achieving your event goals.

The role of an event project manager is perhaps even more important when exhibiting at international events. The potential language barrier aside there may be additional logistical obstacles to overcome, and an adept project manager will be able to navigate through them allowing you and your team to be fully focused on the event ahead.

Event project management services

Different exhibition display companies offer a host of variable services but in some cases, the project management on offer may not fit your needs. With that in mind, ask what project management services are available before booking any for your team.

At Nomadic we offer tailor-made packages so you can do as much or as little as you like. You simply define to us what is needed, and we work with you to create the best possible event project management service for your needs.

We would suggest when deciding what is best for you that you consider the logistics involved and additional services that need organising to ensure your event set-up and breakdown goes smoothly.

This could include electrics, internet connections, flooring, water, and catering requirements among many other things.  You will also need to factor in the exhibition stand installation, breakdown and storage. An event project management service like those provided by Nomadic can make this whole process simple and worry-free.


If you require any advice or want to know more about event project management, Contact us our experienced exhibition stand project management team who will be delighted to help you.  We work in all the major UK exhibition venues as well as in many well-known centres across the globe and will endeavour to help you plan a successful exhibition.