Lightboxes or backlit display stands are increasingly making an appearance on exhibition stands.  Backlighting is not a new concept but marketers are seeing the importance of lighting to enhance their brand impression at exhibitions as competition on the show floor increases.


LED Technology

The reason we are seeing more lightboxes at exhibitions is partly due to the enhancements in LED technology.  Not only is technology better and easier to use, but it is also cheaper.  Lightboxes allow you to integrate backlighting solutions into your display stand without breaking the budget.  With the constant need to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself in a sea of exhibition displays, brings the need for lightboxes and backlit exhibition stands.  After all, lighting attracts attention.

fabric lightbox display

Enhance Visibility

Internally illuminated displays offer visibility from a distance and increase curiosity from visitors as traffic passes your exhibition stand.  Backlighting can make you stand out amongst your competition and the use of LED technology can create a different atmosphere compared to the more traditional halogen light options available for exhibition stands.

Setting the Mood

Lighting not only increases visibility but also helps in setting a mood or ambience.  If you decide to use backlighting within your exhibit stand design really think about the mood or atmosphere you are trying to create.  Is it bright and modern or warm and cosy? Are you trying to create an effect or location such as outer space, a jungle or under the sea? Whatever it is the graphics and lighting together can create this feeling. Working with your exhibition designer on the right lighting solution will help create an impressive appearance and immersive experience for your exhibition stand design.

Draw the Visitor’s Eye

Use lighting to highlight certain areas of your display, this will draw the visitor’s eye to particular products, services or marketing messages you want to communicate quickly.  Remember the three-second rule – you only have three seconds to communicate to a passer-by, who you are, what you do and what you can do for them!  Having a well-lit stand with clear branding is extremely important in making your first impression.

Integrating Lightboxes

Integrating your fabric lightbox or backlight display into your display requires expertise.  At Nomadic we offer fully modular display products that all fully integrate with each other to create a seamless finish.  Do check with your supplier about how to integrate your display as not all systems can provide full integration.

Our experienced and talented team of designers at Nomadic have a wide range of knowledge and ideas in creating eye-catching and effective exhibition stands to meet your budget and needs.  We offer both rental and purchase solutions of all sizes and it is our aim to display your brand in its best light.  Customer Service is central to what we do, helping you through your exhibiting journey from start to finish and even after your event.

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