Type of Display & Services

Backlit lightbox and Edge Fabric Backdrop


  • Stand installation and breakdown
  • Display graphics
  • Exhibition Stand Storage

Who are Suez?

Suez employs more than 5,000 people in the UK. Since 1988, we have been managing waste and water for our local authority and business customers. Today, we are pioneering sustainable solutions and innovative technologies for the UK’s circular economy.

The Challenge

To create an eye-catching solution that will elevate the Suez presence at Industry conferences.

Being an environmentally focused company the key requirement was to create a display stand that has as little ecological impact as possible. The nature of the industry events means that there is not much time for the stand to be built.

Display Stand Requirements

Suez requested a display that must be reusable and modular to cater for 3 or 4 different stand sizes and types.

The solution needed to be easily re-purposed to suit messaging changes as and when required. They wanted an eye-catching display that allowed their pictorial-based artwork to really stand -out.

Suez wanted to be able to store their display with Nomadic that would be easily accessible as and when they needed it.

The display needed to support their screen, interactive table and still allow space for conversations to be held with prospects and existing clients alike.

Just to let you know that my team, including my boss, is absolutely delighted with the stand. They were very proud to be on it and it looked the best by far.

We have had a very positive response to our post on social media to our presence at this event, from colleagues and customers near and far.”

“Thank you to you and your team for making this happen!”

Charlotte Thurz , Marketing Manager –Suez

Our Solution

Nomadic designed a modular fabric extrusion solution that is LED lit with our Brightwall Lightbox product. This afforded both the impact they desired and the flexibility in terms of stand set up and messaging change.

Nomadic store the display within their secure warehouse and the installation team set up the solution at events across the UK.

Nomadic Display’s approach means that the graphics and stand structure are all recyclable materials whilst the reusable aspect modular means no wastage. The graphics can be easily and cheaply changed to suit branding needs so this not only offers real economy but it minimises environment impact.

Our modular Evolve counter solution provides a focal point for prospect engagement and offered under counter storage.