At Starlight our customers love to use a hanging display stand! Our hanging exhibition displays will catch the attention of your customers by displaying your message above the exhibition floor, drawing them closer to what you have on offer. Exhibition floor spaces are often crowded areas full of promotional merchandise, so when you can’t expand outwards, go upwards! It makes sense to utilise the area above your stand with a hanging sign. You’ll be delivering the brand message loud and clear, head and shoulders above the competition!

The 8 benefits of using a hanging display stand at an exhibition

We’ve selected eight benefits that using hanging display signs brings to your exhibition or event presentations.

1. Visibility and attraction

Elevated position: Hanging displays are suspended above your stand, making them visible from a distance and above the crowd. This high visibility attracts more attendees to your area.

Unique design: Eye-catching designs and dynamic visuals can draw attention, making your booth stand out among the many others at the event.

2. Branding and recognition

Consistent branding: A hanging display allows you to prominently feature your brand’s logo, colours, and messages, reinforcing brand recognition. Set high above the crowds, you stand to be one of the memorable brands for visitors as they not only see you up close, but they will also see you from further away.

Professional appearance: A well-designed hanging display can make your stand look more professional and polished, instilling confidence in potential customers or clients.

3. Space utilisation

Maximised floor space: By using vertical space, you leave more room on the ground for product displays, interactive elements, or customer interactions.

Clear pathways: With less clutter on the ground, your booth can accommodate more visitors and create a more welcoming environment. Think about using that extra space for furniture, meeting spaces or areas where you could demo your products!

4. Directional guidance

Navigational aid: Hanging displays can act as a guide, helping attendees find your booth more easily. Clear signage and directional elements can lead traffic directly to your space. It doesn’t always have to be about the sales! Sometimes, a sign acting as an aid, despite it not being in place to generate revenue, can actually work on multiple levels. You not only help attendees, but you also lure some in!

Landmark function: In large venues, your hanging display can serve as a landmark, making it easier for people to return to your booth after exploring other areas. Think of it as the perfect chance to make your stand the meeting place for those who get lost, those organising lunch meets or those who want to network with some other attendees. Meeting outside your stand could work for you and for them! Just make sure the area doesn’t become so crowded you can’t assist those actually visiting your exhibition space.

5. Enhanced messaging

Prominent messaging: Key messages, offers, or calls to action can be displayed prominently, ensuring they are seen by a large audience. We’ve seen businesses print large QR codes on hanging signs that when scanned take people to event landing pages, product demos and more. We’ve also seen them with simple yet effective CTAs that simply tell visitors why they should come directly to the area the sign is in!

Versatile display options: You can change the content of the hanging display to highlight different products, services, or promotions throughout the event.

6. Engagement and interaction

Interactive elements: Some hanging displays can incorporate interactive media elements like digital screens, moving parts, or lighting effects to engage visitors.

Photo opportunities: Creative hanging displays can become photo-worthy spots, encouraging attendees to take pictures and share them on social media, increasing your brand’s reach. Incorporating a hashtag into the hanging sign relevant to the event and your brand could see a wealth of social media content include your stand. Especially if you factor in exhibition giveaways which encourage photo ops and social media sharing.

7. Differentiation from competitors

Unique presence: A distinctive hanging display sets you apart from competitors who might only use standard booth setups. This uniqueness can draw more interest and traffic to your booth. Many may opt for a hanging sign of sorts but utilising the free exhibition stand design service from Starlight will ensure you have the edge over the competition.

8. Long-term investment

Reusability: High-quality hanging displays can be used at multiple events, providing a long-term return on investment. Our team at Starlight have been making reusable exhibition stands for years ensuring you don’t waste your money and keep sustainable practices in mind.

Adaptability: They can be adapted or updated with new graphics and messages to suit different events or marketing campaigns.

By using the advantages of a hanging display stand, you can create a memorable and impactful presence at events, leading to increased traffic, better engagement, and ultimately, greater success. Why not contact the display stand experts at Starlight to see how we can shape your event presence with a spectacular hanging display that makes you the talk of the exhibition?