Use Light to attract attention

Ever wondered why humans are attracted to light? It’s actually an unconscious response mechanism rooted in instinct. Light enables us to see better which improves our ability to find food and shelter to survive. Our natural attraction to light is a key reason why backlit displays and graphics are so powerful at drawing our attention. Unfortunately, the expense and installation complexity has often put them out of reach for many marketers….until now.


Problem solved! BrightWall Backlit Modular Systems

With the recent introduction of new BrightWall backlit tension fabric displays, Nomadic has created a series of modular, cost effective display solutions that are easy use and that can grow and change with your future exhibiting requirements making backlit displays more accessable.  BrightWall backlit systems allow for ultimate flexibility and versatility.

Backlighting is Brilliant!

Backlighting is the hottest trend in exhibition design.  Backlit displays enchant, engage and energise audiences because they stand out in a crowded hall.  Seamless edge-toedge imagery lit by true white LEd lights boost overall graphic impact.  These displays can be backlit signle or double sided and combined together to create different shapes and sizes.

Assembly is Tool Free – It’s so easy, anyone can set up a backlit display

Economical – Adapt and change your marketing message by just replacing the fabric

Portable – Lightweight, compact and easy to transport in wheeled cases

Durable – high quality construction with long lasting LED lights

Versatile – Scale up and down in size as your needs change

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